User Accounts doubled after a Reinstall of XP, 2-3 yrs ago.

November 16, 2015 at 18:27:10
Specs: Windows XP Home Edition, Pent 4/768Meg Bytes
A Re-install of XP 2-3 yrs ago doubled the number of user accounts. After a malware attack Control Panel's User Account is blank.
How do I delete these extra accounts. I don't think some are being used and I don't remember several of these new accounts even being in the Documents & Settings folder.
I want to just delete those that replaced default accounts[the seem to be default]
Example: All Users was. All Users.WINDOWS has been added... Default User, added is "Default User.WINDOWS"... The "<dot>" + an added label are added to all existing accounts. Another "set" is LocalService + LocalService.NT AUTHORITY.
BTW: Malwarebytes will hang-up in "LocalService or NetworkService.
.NT AUTHORITY is the usual added label when these hangups occurr.
Malwarebytes, JRT, unchecky[although this seems to work in the background] are the ones[in order listed] that have done more to help my PCs condition.
Any help will be appreciated greatly!!!!!!!!!
Thanks & Have a great Day or night, eh...
I don't know if I've "Caterorized" this problem correctly.

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November 16, 2015 at 19:26:39
By "User account is blank" you mean there are no accounts listed? Not even your logged-in account?

Can you see the Users profiles in: Computer>properties>advanced system settings>User profile ??

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November 18, 2015 at 08:50:27
Sounds like when Windows was reinstalled, it was installed over the current OS without the drive being formatted first. Which means you probably have two Windows folders. Just guessing here. What you're probably seeing is profiles; not accounts. There's a difference. Are you seeing these entries in Documents and Settings?

It would possibly be detrimental to try and remove the duplicate (renamed) entries. You may be better off just leaving it alone.

Or, make sure you have all your programs and data backed up and do a Factory Restore. Keeping in mind that Windows XP is no longer supported by Microsoft, and new updates are not available.

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November 21, 2015 at 07:01:59
USER ACCOUNT[in Control Panel] doesn't have any accounts listed. It is just a blank window. It does have the "previous & next arrows and "Home button". No response when clicking these.
No 2nd Windows file. And, the drive was not re-formatted prior to the re-install
Yes, the accounts are all listed in the Documents & Settings directory. The old & the new. The new have the <dot>+added label and are listed like so:

Yes, Properties[My Computer etc.] has 2 user profiles. One is adminstrator & the other is the one i use. The admin. has 10 times space being used. 16 gig to 1.4[approx.]

A friend gave me a Dell Inspiron with Win7 that couldn't get online. No install disk either.
As of 10-12 days ago it found it's way to the internet and after a 137 file download it is doing well. I'm not up to speed with Win7, but during the download it became eligible for Win10[has the icon on taskbar,[White MS logo. I imagine this to be the gateway to the download]. Not so sure about win10. I know someone that has it & he isn't all that happy.] When started, it spends 5 to 10 mins. Doing something??!!??
And I have another 80Gig HDD that can replace the infected drive & I get to keep the old HDD and the files that i still have use for.
That being said, here is a question:
Would 40 gig be enough disk space for Linux. I still have use for XP and was considering re-installing XP Sp2 on the other partition. It would be more of a secondary OS and Linux would evolve until it would be the dominate OS throughout. I have other PC's that make up my Home LAN. Win7 won't talk to Win98SE that is on a very useful Pent II. XP will communicate with Win98SE.
But, at this point, 40 gig would be the minimum amount of disk space for Linux. This could get bigger when i find more apbout how much XP has to have.
Matter of fact, it will be to day that this will start. I think!!!

I thank you for your interest & willingness to help.

Have a good day too.

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