Unwanted text on my desktop...

September 15, 2012 at 00:47:29
Specs: Windows 7, Intel Core2 Duo @ 2.40 GHz/4.00 GB
I am not certain this is a virus, however the wording of it implies that it is. On the top left hand corner of my desktop, about an inch right of the top corner, there is a URL (it's small and hard to decipher,) it looks like "https://duiops.net/seresvirus" Maybe "seresvivus" I have tried uninstalling programs I installed since it appeared, I tried changing my wallpaper, none of these steps have gotten rid of it. I admit this is an annoyance more then a problem, but I would like it gone. I also know that no "real virus" would announce its presence that blatantly, but I reiterate that it is annoying. I want it gone, even if it is just a prank, or a function of a program I recklessly installed. If anyone else has experienced this, and knows how to get rid of it, your response would be greatly appreciated.


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September 15, 2012 at 01:09:39
The word which looks like "seresvirus" is actually seresvivos
and refers to a Spanish website, one of whose pages is here: http://www.duiops.net/seresvivos/

That's all I can tell you about it as I don't understand much Spanish, nor does Google Search bring up anything about it being virus-related.

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September 15, 2012 at 01:16:41
I guess it's this spanish website:

Doesn't harm.
Search the desktop folders of your currently logged in user and \Users\Public\Desktop for the entry and simply delete it, if you like.

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September 16, 2012 at 16:15:09
A real simple solution is to do a system restore to BEFORE the problem....

Some HELP in posting on Computing.net plus free progs and instructions 7 Golds

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September 18, 2012 at 14:18:53
I wonder if there is some site out there that is changing the desktop page to whatever the image is plus that link. Perhaps check to see what the picture of the desktop is set as? To be fair, I have only seen something like that with Google desktop, and I am not sure as to the capabilities of windows 7. Seems like it might be a real possibility.

Rollback sounds like a good idea, maybe a scan (perhaps avast/malwarebytes) as a precaution. Double check your host, and proxy setting just in case.

:: mike

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