Unidentifiable services running on Vista

Asus / F5vl
December 13, 2010 at 11:30:40
Specs: Windows Vista, Dup TP5450
I was having problems with Windows Vista Home Premium, the task bar was crashing and after a virus scan showed nothing I booted in safe mode to see what was up. I found these three services running and I cannot identify them, find them on my computer (they are apparently in AppData/Local/Temp but I can't see them) or any information online as to whether the letter sequences are a virus.

They are:

There is no information linked to these files, I have since disabled them but would like to know if they need removing and if so, how?

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December 13, 2010 at 11:46:18
Virus file names are often a mixed bag of letters, as given. To see them you will have to go to Folder Options > View and temporarily set to show hidden files and probably show protected system files too. Best not to leave things that way long term.

I have never found anything crucial in temp folders so in a general way there should be little harm deleting them. Unfortunately when viruses are around you can never be certain that they might be programmed to react badly from an attempt to remove their files, so it has to be at your own risk. However if you have somehow disabled them without any issue it should be OK to delete them.

It would be worth further checks for a virus after their removal. Use you virus checker and also MalwareBytes freebie (which is good at finding and fixing what AV's sometimes miss).

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