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July 13, 2009 at 23:28:24
Specs: Windows XP
Are you people tired of spyware/viruses yet? Want to make it more difficult to get infected? Did you know that any spyware protected by rootkits is nearly impossible to detect and your spyware scanner will more than likely give your PC a clean bill of health.

Tip #1 Never type in Account numbers while running Windows. I would be willing to bet that 80-90 percent of computers out there have some form of spyware loaded. Always assume your PC is infected.

Tip #2. When surfing the Internet always do it from a limited account. To make it happen go to Control panel then User Accounts. Click on Create a new account then Name it. Click next then give the account limited permissions. Then click create accounts. From what I have been told rootkits cannot be installed while you are running in a limited account.

Tip #3 When you want to buy something over the Internet figure out how much money you need and then go to your bank and buy a gift card. My bank sells them for 2 bucks. You must log onto their web site and register it. Use it to make your purchase then log back on and find out how much is left. Burn up any left over money the next time you go to the grocery store. If a hacker gets your card number he gets nothing.

Tip #4 Be very careful using torrent programs.. Every time I use one my PC gets loaded with spyware.
Porn torrents are especially bad for containing malware.

Tip #5 The next time you reinstall windows do the following. Disconnect your machine from the internet during install. Make sure you install your firewall and anti-spyware before you connect up. Downlaod your updates, drivers and install your favorite apps. As soon as you have your machine set up the way you like it make a hard drive image. Norton ghost , Acronis trueimage or Driveimage XML are three good programs for this. Store it on an external hard drive. Now when your PC gets all screwed up just reformat and write the image back on. Problem solved. Bet your PC runs a lot faster too.

Tip #6 If your running Firefox and you should. Make sure you have the status bar on. Click View and make sure that Status bar has a check mark. I'm running Firefox 2 so they may have moved it in version 3. The status bar lets you see where a link is going to when you hover over it. A web programmer can hide this info but I will never click on a link that is hidden. Also talk to your kids about why they should be careful clicking on links and how to tell what they are clicking on.

Tip #7 Install a host file on your PC. You can get one at
A host file forces all bad web addresses to go to your loopback address instead of the bad web site. It also blocks connections to many advertising web sites. So when you visit a web page a lot of the adds won't show up. You will see an error message on the web page where the ad would have been. The page will still load fine. Your web access will speed up a little since you won't be wasting bandwidth on ads.

Tip #8 Turn off auto run for thumb drives etc. That way when a buddy shows up with some kewl pictures on his drive he doesn't load his trojans while hes there. Just google “turn off autorun usb” for how to do it.

Tip #9. If you want to do banking over the Internet never use windows. Instead download a copy of Linux and burn it to a CD. Get one that will boot from the CD like Ubuntu. To the best of my knowledge when it gets burnt to a CD-R nothing can ever be changed on the CD. Make sure your PC is set to boot to CD/DVD drive first and boot Linux. It will be a little slow but there is virtually a 0 percent chance of any infection being present. When your done banking pop the CD out and reboot back to Windows. It may be a hassle but imagine the hassle if some asshat gets access to your bank account.

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it would be nice if this could be pinned and others like jdk could add their tips.

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