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September 30, 2013 at 05:00:18
Specs: Windows 8 Pro 64-bit, 2.8GHz AMD A6-4400M/4GB 1333MHz
I've been unsubscribing to emails for the past week, and created a filter that moves spam to the trash. While spam isn't much of a deal anymore (I'm getting 1-2/day as before it was 6-7/day), I still get these emails that are written illegibly so they get through the spam filter. Usually stuff like:


"Your email have won, Email: [removed]"

"We Have a PT/job.Shopping mystery for those who pay$250per job,
And we want you to participate.
your job is only to act as a regular customer and conduct normal business,
customer service is valuable.
Payment check/money order will be in a certain amount
That you will be asked to cash your bank, garnish your
wages and have the rest used for evaluation.

If you are interested in Joining us to tell immediately following / below:

_N_a_m_e (F|L):

Please note that is a part time job and Thanks for your attention.
NB : (We prioritize candidates from USA & Canada to apply for this Offer)

Nancy Owen
Hiring Manager"

...but all from different emails. I've created a filter to send any email with that subject to the trash, but I want to kill it from the source. About a month ago I was getting 100-200 spam emails all with the same subject and title (different addresses) though, and I had basically replied back being the idiot I am, telling them to basically "**** off.". I'm not sure if they're the same people, but they don't look like they're going to stop. Any idea how to stop them? It's not like I can unsubscribe or anything, so I'm at a loss.

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September 30, 2013 at 05:35:40
There's no way you kill them at source. Very little spam arrives in my outlook inbox because my email provider (BT) filters them out before I download my email. Their filters analyse the content of each incoming message and deals with them accordingly. I maybe get just one a week (sometimes none) that's managed to get through. Excellent system. I don't have to set any rules at my end to control the amount of inbox spam.

So it seems you provider's filtering system isn't as good as mine (they might even not have a filtering system at all). You should consider subscribing to a different ISP/email provider after reding up on how good their email filtering is.

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September 30, 2013 at 05:38:11
I've been using GMail for 2 years now and almost all spam has gone to the spam filter, though for my own reasons (one being that my email client give me notifications for anything in my spam inbox), I move it to the trash. Much better than Outlook/Hotmail where maybe 10% goes to the spam folder and the rest to my inbox.

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September 30, 2013 at 06:40:44
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Never use the unsubscribe links provided on some SPAM messages. In fact, never click on any links on such messages. All this does is confirm to the spammer that the email address is valid and in active use. This makes your email address more valuable and you will be subject to more spam.

Also understand that the supplied origin address is almost always fake. Spammers go to great lengths to ensure that their true identity is not revealed.

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September 30, 2013 at 14:14:30
#3 has hit the nail right on the head.

The only way to really get shot of spam once you've got it is to change your email address then never put it in open text on the internet again. Put yours in Google - if it can find it then so can all the spammers engines. There are many ways you can disguise your email address from spammers if you must use it in open text online - see this:

Some years ago I was getting 120 junk emails a day and got fed up fiddling around with filters. After changing my email address this junk is now very rare and I've had no more of the general sort of stuff you gave in your examples.

Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanks

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September 30, 2013 at 15:33:11
Gmail + 2
That's what I use.

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