Tigertext allows secure texting, I need an email app like it

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May 23, 2012 at 09:04:54
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Need secure email that works like Tigertext does for text messaging. I work at a small hospital, and we are starting to embrace bring your own device (BYOD), but more because the doctors are demanding that they be able to use their smartphones and iPads to send patient info quickly by text message or email.

The problem is that HIPAA laws mean that sending patient info by text to a phone can really open up the doctor and hospital up to legal action.

So as part of any BYOD solution, we need to look deeply at the security aspect, and research all the options. I looked at some good large enterprise BYOD solutions out there like Centrify and Enterproid, but they are expensive, invasive, hard to deploy and are really for larger organizations.

For smaller organizations, I really didn't find much in the way of solutions. It is then that I saw that for many companies, they are going think about breaking down the BYOD implementation into smaller components. This may means using several smaller apps/software systems to add security and management functions to a BYOD network.

We started to do this, by having an app (Tigertext) installed on all the BYOD devices. Tigertext deletes the text messages sent/revived on the phone after a period of time. If a doctor loses his phone, the texts are deleted and HIPAA compliance is met.

This is how we are approaching BYOD policy, finding small apps and programs that we can afford that add some specific level of security and control to the BYOD implementation.

Now we need something like this for emails and PC's.

Does anyone know of a way to do secure emails in the way that Tigertext does secure text messages?

Would be good to find something that is HIPAA compliant.

Let's have a data party!!!

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May 23, 2012 at 11:48:35
this came with a google search



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July 5, 2012 at 14:49:41
Why not just use tiger text? If it aint broke...

Seriously, I think it is a big issue in healthcare, and I have recommended to the IT guy I work with to look in to Tigertext. I am using it with my family, and it is just as easy as normal text messaging, although beside some ID theft protection benefit, Tigertext is more suited for business.

Looks like these doctors got fined $100,000 USD for texting patient information. I bet they wished they had Tigertext!! LOL!!

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