Suspect someone is remotely accessing my PCs

April 10, 2011 at 03:33:29
Specs: Windows Vista

I suspected someone is messing up with my files in my system then i thought about possibility someone accessing my computer via remote access so i goggled online and check about how to detect if someone is really snooping on my computer.I found out that when i entered cmd > netstat -n, there are a list of TCP connections and lots of various ip addresses under the foreign addresses....... this mean someone is really accessing my computer right? The scariest thing is that i checked my other computer...... the ip addresses connected to my computer are the same. I googled online and it seems that one the person got hold of your ip address, you cannot escape..... but there is another saying that there is actually a phone number program that can detect your phone number and hence ip address? I am really a newbie in this area....... All in all, from what i read online so far, it seems that

(1) i must reinstall my OS and wipe out the harddisk ( how to i do a clean back up on my harddisk without the old hacks existing) ....... but as said, i am really a newbie in this kind of thing, how do i go about doing it? Hope someone can help me here so it speeds up stuff instead of myself surfing to figure out how to do it......

(2) Disconnect my network, untick my remote assistance and disable my remote desktop...... but from what i can gather online so far, my OS is Windows Vista........ i seems to be able to untick my remote assistance but how do i go about disabling my remote desktop?

I cannot try to disable all the services with remote on them under the services right? But the spooky thing is that after i disconnect my network, it seems that i realised someone is suspicious like almost all the services with remote are that mean that the hacker can still monitor what i am doing? It seems that he is really scary...... i was like thinking heck i just disable all the services with remote and anything go wrong then see how.....anyway i am not thinking of using remote at all so even if something to do with remote is corrupted, i think the other parts of my computer would work fine........

(4) Are there anything else to do with remote that i must disable or do before i switch on my network?

(5) Do i need to change my house phone number hence changed my router, modem to gain a new ip address so that i can be forever away from the hacker? Do i need to do till such extent?

(6) If let's say i want double protection...... what must i do to my router such as to extra protect my computer? like the settings etc...... and my norton internet security..... how can i tweak to extra protect my computer?

These are my main issues........ But i read somewhere about that something to sure clean up my harddisk? I would google that later too.......

Besides, i realised the ip addresses the first 4 parts are always the same and the last two parts always differ.......does the last number refers to the port the hacker is accessing through his computer to my computer? That is my guess from foreign address and local address....... I am really clueless...... just my guess........ i think i really need to buck up on my network security......

Can someone please help me with the issues? I am stuck with not being able to use any of my computers...... it is really inconvenient. Thanks. Really pray for helpers

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April 10, 2011 at 06:17:39
Is there any physical proof that your files were changed otherwise its called paranoia.all you need is a good firewall and antivirus to keep viruses and hackers out.but there is a problem you have Norton it is the worst if you want safety and security get Kaspersky Internet Security or McAfee or Free antivirus Avast.But I recommend going for the Kaspersky Internet Security to get rid of your paranoia.Bcoz it has a lot of safety features and won't let any hackers or viruses in,I know because I've used it.

AND Don't worry about The lot of TCP connections evrybody has them.Its mostly Windows Updates,Antivirus Updates,Browsers,and other things.It doesnt mean you are being hacked.But just in case download malwarebytes antimalware to scan for viruses(it detects really good but its not a replacement for kaspersky cuz it only scans on-demand(when you ask it).).

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April 10, 2011 at 06:30:45
I don't if you have disabled this yet cuz thinks can automatically reset if there are hackers.right click on a plane space in computer and click properties and this window will pop up on the top left side there should be an option advanced system settings,click on it and a dialog box will appear called system properties in it on the top right click on the remote tab.In the remote tab untick : "Allow remote assistance connections to this computer" and under that in "remote desktop" click "Don't allow connections to this computer and click apply and then click ok.This will make things more secure

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April 10, 2011 at 10:53:10
The results you are receiving from the netstat command are completely normal. Nothing you describe is a cause for concern. If you have an active and properly configured firewall it would be very difficult for a hacker to access your system. Finding your phone number or other personal information from your IP address would require the active cooperation of your ISP, and no one will get that without a court order.

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