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Surest Way To Uninstall Rapport From Trusteer

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Surest way to Uninstall Rapport from Trusteer if Add Remove Programs Uninstall doesnt work
I could not stop the process or delete the program files
Access denied
Couldnt even delete the registry keys
But this finally worked:

1. Restart PC
2. Tap F8 while PC is starting up
3. Select Safemode with Networking
4. Login
5. Start ->Control Panel-> Administrative Tools->Services
6. Find the RapportManagment services
7. Right Click-> Properties->Start Up Type: Set this to DISABLED
8. Apply OK
9. Restart PC

You can take this a step further and delete all registry keys that have “Rapport” in them or registry folders whose name includes the word Rapport.
Disabling the service should be enough though