Serious problems with my compaq evo N610c

May 14, 2010 at 18:33:25
Specs: Windows XP
Some info: brand/model:Compaq Evo N610c
OS: windows XP sp3

Okay well this is a really long detailed
description of the problem and any advice will
be greatly appreciated.
I will describe everything in steps as it
1)I was downloading an .iso file for a psp
backup game,
when i got one of those annoying fake spyware
remover programs that act legit but
are just spyware. (i have gotten this before but
this time it was a different spyware virus)
2)so i tried to get rid of it the way I got rid of
the last imposter program,
but this method failed.
3)so i got spyware doctor(program) to remove
all the infections my system had,
it found around 9 infections 3 of which being in
the really harmful area. after I did this,
i tried to reboot because spyware doctor said
it was needed in order to fully remove the
4)while it was rebooting , it just froze, and it
would not pass the main COMPAQ screen.
and in safe mode it would freeze while loading
"isapnp.sys" .
5)so i found a website(using my other laptop)
on how to fix that problem witch involved using
the xp cd and the recovery mode, i deleted a
few files and re copied them.
6)BANG! my laptop worked and I was happy,
but i noticed that everything i had on my
desktop was gone, so i had 2 profiles ,
administrator and a limited account. My
limited account was gone and only my
administrator profile was left. and the
password had been removed.
7)so i checked on my harddrive and i still had
all my data on the program files and on
documents and settings. but a few things were
not working,
heres a few things that changed:
a] for some reason i cannot move files from
one folder to another,
i have to copy then paste or just click on the
side where it says move file to, then look for
the folder and thats a pain in the ***...
b]my winrar was acting strange because my
.rar files did not automatically say extract here
and all those option when the right mouse
button is pressed. so I have to open the winrar
program in order to extract it and all that.
c]when i go to the add remove programs option
on control panel, none of my programs appear,
at first i thought it just took long to load them
but i left it for a good while and still nothing.
d]and when i go to start>turn off computer, for
some reason my laptop freezes!
the only way i can turn it off in order to save
my settings is to open up task manager and
then turn off, but even then it just reboots and
doesnt turn off all the way!!
c]another urgent problem, i then recently found
out that while using FL Studio, my slayer2
plug-in was not working! so i re-installed it, and
tried every thing possible, but it still doesnt
appear on my channels! and its urgent
because i make music well noise actually and
i have this compilation due on the 20th! and
need my slayer2 plug-in in order to finish up
my tracks (the reason why I am so stressed
8)so now when i try and enter safe mode,
it appears that it gets stuck in agp440.sys!

and its problems after problems!! I really wish i
could just slam my laptop against the wall but
I have all my bands tracks and info in there
somewhere... so sadly I have to fix this
problem by force...

so please if you have these same problems or
know how to fix some of them let me know
thanks for the long read...

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May 14, 2010 at 19:00:23
From what I've read, it's a problem with an incompatible video card driver. Here's instructions on resolving the problem, and hopefully it works:

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