Programs won't start up

August 6, 2009 at 00:36:56
Specs: Windows XP
So recently my computer has acting strangely. Some programs are taking too long or not opening up at all. For instance HijackThis and Spybot won't start up as normally. And before it was working fine... also I got these strange pop-ups indicating that my computer had a virus and it tried to make me download a weird program. Also when running a scanner it would occasionally freeze as well as when I restart it does so at times.

Any help would be appreciated, I'll try and supply whatever you guys need to assist.


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August 6, 2009 at 07:48:55
Download and run Kaspersky AVP tool in safe mode:
Once you download and start the tool in safe mode:
# Check below options:

    * Select all the objects/places to be scanned. 
    * Settings > Customize > Heuristic analyzer > Enable deep rootkit search

# Click Scan
# Fix what it detects
# Zip/Rar Scan log/Summary and upload it to Post download link in your next message.

Illustrated tutorial:

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August 14, 2009 at 13:01:58
Here's the log you wanted... apologizes for the late reply I've been busy with other stuff.

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August 14, 2009 at 19:03:30
Follow in normal mode:
1) Install, update database and run full scan with Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware. Attach malwarebyte full scan log, fix anything detected.

2) Run full Scan with SuperAntispyware : . Fix what it detects and post summary scan log.

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August 15, 2009 at 06:21:48
None of the two installer want to open up on the computer. What should I do?

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August 15, 2009 at 06:31:34
Follow these steps in order numbered:

1) Download GMER:
[This version will download a randomly named file (Recommended).]

2) Disconnect from the Internet and close all running programs.

3) Temporarily disable any real-time active protection so your security programs will not conflict with gmer's driver.

4) Double-click on the randomly named GMER file (i.e. n7gmo46c.exe) and allow the gmer.sys driver to load if asked.

5) GMER will open to the Rootkit/Malware tab and perform an automatic quick scan when first run. (do not use the computer while the scan is in progress)

6) If you receive a WARNING!!! about rootkit activity and are asked to fully scan your NO.

7) Now click the Scan button. If you see a rootkit warning window, click OK.

8) When the scan is finished, click the Save... button to save the scan results to your Desktop. Save the file as gmer.log and upload it Post the download link to the uploaded file in your post.

9) Exit GMER and re-enable all active protection when done.

Note: Please give me the exact name of the file you downloaded in step 1 + post your log from step 8 in your next post.

If I'm helping you and I don't reply within 24 hours send me a PM.

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August 15, 2009 at 07:25:20
the name of the file was: cwnxjoed

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August 15, 2009 at 07:41:55
1) Attach a Combofix log, please review and follow these instructions carefully.

Download it here ->

Before Saving it to Desktop, please rename it to something like 123.exe to stop malware from disabling it.

Now, please make sure no other programs are running, close all other windows and pause Antivirus/Sypware programs ( Programs to disable) until after the scanning and removal process has taken place.

Please double click on the file you downloaded. Follow the onscreen prompts to start the scan. Once the scanning process has started please DO NOT click on the Combofix window or attempt to use your computer as this can cause the scanning process to stall. It may take a while to complete scanning and this is normal.

You will be disconnected from the internet and your desktop icons/toolbars will disappear during scanning, do not worry, this is normal and it will be restored after scanning has completed.

Combofix will create a logfile and display it after your computer has rebooted. Usually located in c:\combofix.txt, please upload that file to and paste the link here.

2) Please zip up C:\qoobox\quarantine and upload it, to a filehost such as Then, Private Message me the Download links to the uploaded files.

If I'm helping you and I don't reply within 24 hours send me a PM.

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August 15, 2009 at 08:31:12
Heres the log:

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August 15, 2009 at 08:42:01
Uninstall Combofix by: pause Antivirus/Sypware programs ( Programs to disable) > Start > run > type combofix /u > ok.

Follow: Response Number 3

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August 15, 2009 at 11:45:25

SUPERAntiSpyware Scan Log

Generated 08/15/2009 at 02:13 PM

Application Version : 4.27.1002

Core Rules Database Version : 4058
Trace Rules Database Version: 1998

Scan type : Complete Scan
Total Scan Time : 02:20:54

Memory items scanned : 460
Memory threats detected : 0
Registry items scanned : 5520
Registry threats detected : 1
File items scanned : 21186
File threats detected : 121


Adware.Tracking Cookie
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@ads.financialcontent[2].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@ads.undertone[3].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@247realmedia[1].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@theclickcheck[3].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@www.shefinds[1].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@winecountrysafari[1].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@oasn04.247realmedia[2].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@www.icityfind[1].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@ads.ourstage[1].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@realmedia[1].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@ads.adap[2].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@4935.8793-91444.clickshield[1].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@homestore.122.2o7[1].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@invitemedia[2].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@questionmarket[2].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@ads.right-ads[2].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@7571.nosubid.clickshield[1].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@overture[1].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@cdnh.tremormedia[1].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@4935.8794-91444.clickshield[1].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@trafficmp[2].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@adserver.adtechus[1].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@specificmedia[3].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@www.burstbeacon[1].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@tacoda[1].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@ad.wsod[2].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@couponmountain[2].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@ads.vidsense[1].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@ads.pointroll[2].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@hardcore.absolutely-freeporn[1].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@adlegend[2].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@serving-sys[2].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@adbrite[1].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@media6degrees[1].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@ads.lucidmedia[1].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@at.atwola[3].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@dc.tremormedia[3].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@4935.8799-91444.clickshield[1].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@adcentriconline[2].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@bridge2.admarketplace[2].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@interclick[2].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@shefinds[2].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@cdn4.specificclick[3].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@revsci[2].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@viacom.adbureau[1].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@clickthrough.kanoodle[1].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@tribalfusion[1].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@bridge1.admarketplace[1].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@eas.apm.emediate[1].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@iacas.adbureau[2].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@6042.c3442.clickshield[1].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@ads.bridgetrack[2].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\[2].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@bs.serving-sys[2].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@insightexpressai[1].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@6042.c3522.clickshield[1].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@ads.mail[2].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@specificclick[1].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@a1.interclick[3].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@videoegg.adbureau[2].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@2o7[2].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@www.locatefind[1].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@media.mtvnservices[1].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@adbureau[1].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@www3.smartadserver[2].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@ads.imarketservices[2].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@smartadserver[1].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@xiti[1].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@collective-media[2].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@interclick[1].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@collective-media[1].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@www.consumersdiscountrx[1].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@nextag[2].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\[1].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@login.tracking101[1].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@oasn04.247realmedia[3].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@oasn04.247realmedia[1].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@adopt.specificclick[1].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@tracking.keywordmax[1].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@my.traffic[1].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@theclickcheck[2].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@findarticles[1].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@dc.tremormedia[1].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@dc.tremormedia[2].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@ar.atwola[1].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\[1].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@ravenmediainc[2].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@optimize.indieclick[2].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@stat.winrar2009[2].txt
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C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@lynxtrack[2].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@specificmedia[2].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@atwola[2].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@at.atwola[2].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@cts.metricsdirect[2].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@clickthrough.kanoodle[2].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@media6degrees[2].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@ads.imarketservices[1].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@ads.financialcontent[1].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@www.traffic[1].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@cdn4.specificclick[2].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@bridge2.admarketplace[1].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@brimedia.ibredia[2].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@clickbooth[2].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\[2].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\[1].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@ads.undertone[2].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@a1.interclick[2].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@4935.8794-91434.clickshield[1].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@ads.elserver[2].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@ads.redorbit[2].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@ileadmedia1.ildmed[2].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@inteletrack[1].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@oasc05.247realmedia[1].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@partner2profit[1].txt
C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\Cookies\alex@redorbit[1].txt

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August 15, 2009 at 14:35:49
Did you fix what MBAM detected?

If I'm helping you and I don't reply within 24 hours send me a PM.

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August 17, 2009 at 12:07:31
I believe so.. I'll rescan again.

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