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Solved Ports 135, 139, And 445 Are Closed Not Stealthed

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How do I stealth ports 135, 139, and 445?
Previous security configuration stealthed all ports 0-1055 as tested on GRC’s “Shields Up utility, but the upgrade is too much for my 2000 Dell PC to swallow — trying a new product, but just like the Windows firewall itself (without 3rd party s/w) it reports ports 135. 139 and 445 are CLOSED, not stealthed or STEALTHED as they were previously — have administrator’s privilege what do I need to turnoff or disable in “ADMINISTRATIVE Services”?


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  1. I used to really like “tiny little firewall” it has become pay software. Currently using Comodo, but on a smaller leaner system you want to make sure you install just the firewall component and not the anti virus software.
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