personal security antivirus fraud solution

January 18, 2010 at 17:29:18
Specs: Windows ME, 633 Mhz/255 Mb Ram
I just used my friend's laptop running XP. He has AVG free version. I downloaded a short karate video to watch and a window from web Personal security anti-virus (or something like that) came up saying the computer is infected (but I don't think it was) that the site is dangerous and to click on the scan program. I couldn't x out of it . I eventually ran the scan to find out and It listed about 24 infections that I don't think the computer had and that to clean it I had to purchase a license registration for $70 . I couldn't get rid of it when I tried to x out. I tried add/remove programs and that didn't work. I finally got to the PAV(personal anti virus) ffolder on the hard disc and removed it and dang it that didn't work either.It blocked his AVG and spy-bot from working and it prevented him from downloading malwarebytes anti-malware and other things he tried to download. It kept putting up a window that said the site is unsafe. He finally found out he could download malwarebytes free version (then the updates) using Google chrome browser instead of internet explorer and it worked . He ran a full scan with it and that finally worked. So I guess that is the answer to others that have that problem. I searched for this problem and found out that almost a year ago people were having the problem. I would like to know how it can still be happening. Why wasn't this company stopped? Also if that program would show up again would turning off the browser and/or the computer get rid of it? Remember it doesn't let you x out of it.

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January 18, 2010 at 20:19:32
dear sir
sometime it is not possible for an antivirus to remove all
malwares cause when they enter in ur boot sector then they 'll
damage to ur system even u have a great antivirus so always
scan a portable disk or never use insecure protocol.
and for the site u r talking abt are not safe for a normal user
never click on them cause they show fake infection for their
product sale.
and i will sugest u a new antivirus tht is AVAST professional.

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January 19, 2010 at 00:01:15
Personal Security center is a fake rogue spyware program. you are using AVG, wich is an antivirus,w hile Personal Security is a rogue spyware. AVG wont remove it because AVG dos,nt protect from spywares. you must run an anti spyware (that can be downloaded free, heres the download link) or you can remove personal security spyware by following the manual removal instructions from

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