April 29, 2012 at 16:41:51
Specs: Windows 7
I joined your site a while ago with a completely different issue, that I did get the correct info on to fix my computer, so thanks for that! Unfortunately for you, this was the only place I thought of to go for advice, help, or maybe a quick "hack to get site back" tutorial to a fast learner! I'LL APOLOGIZE RIGHT NOW ~ IT'S A BIT LONG BUT I DID PUT THE MAIN POINTS FIRST IN CASE YOU LOSE INTEREST ON THE WAY TO THE BOTTOM
~Any reference to breaking the law of course, as always, is used as humor in sarcastic frustration in looking for help and advice. It does not imply intent to break the law, nor to give or receive advice on how to break the law~
Having stated that: DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW TO RID THEMSELVES, OR SOMEONE THEY KNOW OF A TEENAGE HACKER WHO TOOK OVER A SITE, OR ACTUALLY A FACEBOOK 'PAGE' TO BE MORE SPECIFIC? Facebook is not an option, I've already spent two hours of my life today that I'll never get back trading e-mail with a few of their "Safety" staff. No Facebook least not when the "B" Team is working, or until Christmas when the contact person I finally demand returns my e-mail!
It's not my account it belongs to a young girl who started a fan page for her favorite band, One Direction and has gotten it to almost 300,000 Likes/fans. I'm trying to do something for them since I like the band as well, but I'm 42 and the median age of the girls on this site who are responding to the threats/demands is roughly 14 yrs old. They are literally posting repeatedly, they'll do whatever "the hijackers" want, begging them to give them their site back. I read all this stuff thinking holy hell, they need a grown up! So, I'm trying my best to be a grown up so I can help this poor girl and her fellow fans get their site back.

I found a few web sites, numerous FB pages and personal accounts of their own, along with many others they've hijacked. A few of the examples I've seen either stated, referenced, suggested and demanded include: Rape, "niggers bow to your new King", lots and lots of Hitler, urging suicide pics be sent to them-preferably in a stream, etc. Aside from Facebook, these words and phrases are still considered definite "red flags" in most organizations. Even though the content is incredibly ignorant they still have some skills, since they have in fact hijacked this site!
ANY IDEAS, HELP, STEP BY STEPS, WHERE TO GO NEXT, ETC. WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED~Thanks for taking the time to get to the end, esp. since I might even be in the wrong section! If so, apologies all around and please direct me to the correct place. With sincere thanks, RoxAnn
Oh, I had posted a comment on their FB kind of "encouraging" them to hand over the page, or my very well educated IT Professional friends, would continue on his search and rescue mission! It seems the story now is that, the original hacker got hacked so the girls got all the crap off of the page, but now the supposed "new" hacker won't give them back the owner/admin rights to the page!!! Junior high all over again...anyway, they still don't actually have their page yet.


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April 29, 2012 at 19:53:01
Sounds to me like the people that originally started the site got side-tracked and gave out their password to others. Lots of teens seem to do this because they don't know any better.

All in a past tense...they should have changed the password as soon as things started to go funky on their page. At this point, if they have no password, they may as well start another page from scratch and build it up...unfortunately, that is about all that can be done by now, sorry to say.

Someone else may have some better advice, so hang in there.....

Some HELP in posting on plus free progs and instructions 7 Golds

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May 3, 2012 at 08:03:47
If its a facebook page, report it, and have it removed.


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