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Need help on a virus situation

April 21, 2010 at 19:33:34
Specs: Windows XP, ..
Ok i'm having a huge problem with a virus located in c:/windows/system32/_voidloirvbxirs.dll and also
c:/windows/system32/_voidpmcbhgovti.dll, well i tried to look for both of the files to remove it myself but they were not there, i tried to set my computer so that i can see all hidden files and folder and yet i couldn't find them, i ran a scan once again with avast anti-virus and it show's that the virus is in the same location, yet i can't find it, when i try to move it to the vault it say's that it cannot because it is being run by another program, i went to my task manager and couldn't find the program, i even randomly ended all the task i can, yet i still cannot put it in the vault, Oh by the way, avast anti-virus is the only one that works on my computer, i tried downloading and using every other anti-virus there is but for some reason right when the installation is about the finish i get an error saying it couldm't finish the installment and it never used to do that until these viruses showed up.. So avast is the only one that i was able to download and use. can someone please help me out here it's very annoying cause of the virus my computer freezes up alot and pop ups for ads come up.

Another thing, i tried to stop the pop ups from coming by changing the Internet Explorer to a different name but when i do that it automatically creates anotehr Internet Explorer icon, also iexplore.exe is running in my rask manager and i see it is for internet explorer and i tried to end the process but it keeps coming back up.

Please help someone.

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April 21, 2010 at 23:29:16
As well as setting the system to view all files & folders you need
to uncheck the option slightly further down of 'hide protected
system files' - this should let you see the errant files. Also, try
running the scan and deleting the files in safe mode.

Rather than just a 'straight' antivirus, try installing & running

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April 22, 2010 at 00:25:24
Thank's alot about the safe mode advise, i did it and worked, thanls again man you saved me lol. =]

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