My Friend has hacked into my Computer.

June 15, 2011 at 16:04:37
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An ex-friend of mine has been boasting that he can look into my computer whenever I am online. He thinks there is nothing wrong with doing this or that it is an invasion of privacy when I have nothing at all to do with him. He has quoted websites I have been on and what i have been doing and does not understand how it is making me feel. I have looked up the internet but cannot find anything that helps me in a way I can understand, or is out-dated. I am using windows vista. Funnily enough it took me long enough for me to post this question as things kept occuring on the computer. I obviously will need to get this reported to the police and how do I go about this? Most importantly what steps can I take to prevent him from doing this. Previously he did have access to my computer and may of changed the settings.

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June 15, 2011 at 16:29:59
First of all, set up Windows Firewall so that it blocks EVERYTHING except for your browser. This will be a fix that will last forever, but you will have very limited access around your network and internet, and you should unblock everything after this ordeal is done.

Note that when you do this, you should disconnect from the internet so that your ex-friend won't interfere with changing the settings.

To do this:
1. Click "Start".
2. Click "Control Panel".
3. Open "Windows Firewall".
* I am running XP so the next steps might be slightly different.
4. Switch to the "Exceptions" tab.
5. Then uncheck everything.
6. Click "OK".

Now if after this your browser cannot access the internet, do this:
1. Open "Windows Firewall" again.
2. Switch to the "Exceptions" tab.
3. Click "Add Program".
4. Select "Internet Explorer" or "Mozilla Firefox" or whatever software you use from the list, click "OK", and "OK".

You also should make another account that has limited privileges. Then use this account whenever you use the computer. Also password protect it. When you are using this account, you will not be able to change many of the advanced settings in the computer, which means your ex-friend won't be able to either.

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