my computer is badly infected

Acer / Aspire 4736
July 26, 2011 at 15:51:18
Specs: Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit, Intel(R) Core(TM) 2 Duo T6500 @2.1 GHz / 3001 MB RAM
Hello, every one,

My computer is badly infected,

I am explaining the behavior of the virus what I have observed,

First of all, when I boot my comp., at the password input field only the "1" , "m" and the "bksp" key is working, not others,
but the "bksp" key is working oppositely, it is not deleting the characters from the end, but inserting some characters (i.e. I don't know which),
Thanks to my finger print sensor, without it I will be unable to logon to my computer at that situation.

My comp. starts normally, after startup when i press the "1" key the virus starts visible working,

when I select an icon on my desktop with a mouse click or any other way it keeps selected even if I click on an empty space of my desktop,

and if I select an another icon the both keeps selected, if I re-click on a pre-selected icon then it is deselected if not only one Icon is selected.

the "Esc" key is working like "WinKey", it is opening the start menu,

some times, when the chrome, firefox etc. are in focus the "f" key is working like "ctrl+f" , the "WinKey+r" is working like "F5" or "ctrl+r", the "o" key executing the open file dialog box like ctrl+oetc.

some times the virus corrupts the left and right arrow keys, they then works like some one have holed down the "ctrl" key, it's happens with "bksp" and "del" keys also,

the "bksp" delets the complete word from the right and the "del" key from the left,

When I "Shift Left Click" the folder or internet explorer etc. quick lunch icon on my task-bar, an UAC prompt pops-up and most importantly if I click "NO" on the UAC prompt the most keys usually starts working properly some times accept the "Esc" key and arrow keys,

but, the keyes get screwed again after pressing the "1" key, (i am copy pasting the chr 1 to typing)

I have done a full scan with a fully updated AVG Internet security 2011 but nothing found,

(I am using a laptop (Acer Aspire 4736) so I can not tel about numpad keyes)

Can any one tell me how to remove the virus

Please help me

It is enough for a human to live as a human on earth...

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July 26, 2011 at 17:23:38
first of all, try a USB keyboard and see if the problem persists.
Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit, Intel(R) Core(TM) 2 Duo T6500 @2.1 GHz / 3001 MB RAM
Are those the specs of the laptop with the problems?

Some HELP in posting on plus free progs and instructions Cheers

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July 27, 2011 at 09:29:59
Hi, XpUser4Real

thank you vary much for your reply,

Yes, those are the spaces of the laptop which have the problem.

and, I will inform you about the USB keyboard after a try.

now, some more behaviors that I observed, the virus works in safe mode and BIOS also.

I will come back to you shortly,

It is enough for a human to live as a human on earth...

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