LINKEDIN is spamming my business email

February 1, 2011 at 07:53:09
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LINKEDIN is spamming my business email, which I never use for any personal communications. That is last week I emailed LINKEDIN to be removed, although they should have not emailed me in the first place. This is their automatic response:

LinkedIn Customer Support Message

Subject: Invitation to connect on LinkedIn: REMOVE!

LinkedIn has received your question. A service professional will review and respond to your inquiry as quickly as possible. We apologize for any delay in responding to your inquiry as we are experiencing high inbound volume at this time. Thank you for your patience!

There was no response to my request nor response to this ticket. Instead, days later, LINKEDIN send me a reminder to not forget that Umesh sent me an invitation and that LINKEDIN is still waiting for me to sign up!

This is a reminder that on January 28, Umesh China sent you an invitation to become part of his or her professional network at LinkedIn.

Follow this link to accept Umesh China's invitation.

(I removed the link)

Signing up is free and takes less than a minute.

LINKEDIN urges me to sign up! I don't want to! This is my business email and LINKEDIN disrespected my request to stop spamming my business email.

And here's another message received to my other, personal email address:

This is a reminder that on January 22, ram sankar sent you an invitation to become part of his or her professional network at LinkedIn.

Follow this link to accept ram sankar's invitation. removed by me

Signing up is free and takes less than a minute.

On January 22, ram sankar wrote:

> To: []
> From: ram sankar []
> Subject: ram sankar wants to stay in touch on LinkedIn

> I'd like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.
> - ram sankar

The only way to get access to ram sankar's professional network on LinkedIn is through the following link:

https://link removed by me
You can remove yourself from ram sankar's network at any time.


They are telling me that the only way to stop this spamming is to sign up (click the potentially unsafe link) to their LINKEDIN network! That is against laws, since there is no unsubscribe link in the message. I never signed up to any LINKEDIN! Now they are spamming all my email addresses with some ridiculous personal issues of some guy that I don;t know and don't care to know!

There's more, the email address that I "CC" to my remove request to now got spammed by the same message days later! So instead of removing my business email address, they also now are spamming my other email address!

In addition to that LINKEDIN sold me to other spammers at BADOO. Because soon after I sent an unsubscribe request to LINKEDIN, BADOO spammed my same business email address in a similar fashion.

Gordon Shane left a message for you...

and when I clicked on BADOO unsubscribe link (yes they do have one in their email message unlike LINKEDIN) it said I can either check their network, or, (and they DO NOT RECOMMEND THAT!!) "block all further email messages".

I am not interested in any of LINKEDIN or any other internet ventures. If I receive one more message from LINKEDIN to my business email I will transfer this matter to an attorney who deals with spammers.

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February 1, 2011 at 08:10:45
Dude just block all linkedin emails, your admin block their server...... Email all your buds and tell them you will not be reachable through linkedin at work.

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February 1, 2011 at 08:31:52
Couple of points. LinkedIn were hacked at the end of last year and there were a lot of users caught out with a virus - SEE HERE. May not be the same in your case, but just to be aware.

Next, you can either report the mails to - enough complaints & they may get the hint. You should also have the option to click a link saying 'I don't know this person' - I understand that if a sender gets 5 of these then their account is suspended.

Finally you can report the whole issue to

"I've always been mad, I know I've been mad, like the most of us..."

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February 1, 2011 at 08:52:21
I did email every time they spammed me. There was no response and the spamming continues and is even expanding now to my other email addresses. That is definitely not a hack or a virus issue. If you read my post closer you will notice that they started spamming my every email I provided them with even as a "cc" forwarder. This matter will go to my attorney soon. I will not block LINKEDIN because I want to fight these unfair business practices and will be reporting them to Federal Trade Commission, Better Business Bureau and the local court.

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May 24, 2011 at 16:29:09
Linked It's spamming policies are a criminal violation of the federal CAN-SPAM act, because there is no opt-out link, because there is no business address given, and because the messages are intentionally misleading.

The FTC has a site for spam. At you can see the address to forward illegal spam to. Just forward Linked In spam there and when they get enough complaints they will begin an investigation.

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