Is PC Power Speed a virus?

July 11, 2011 at 18:40:47
Specs: Windows Vista
I noticed that there was a program called: PC Power Speed installed on my pc and report that my laptop has some errors. I never install the software by myself, so is PC Power Speed a virus? I have read this topic: what is pc power speed virus and have removed it automatically following the guidelines, but I still want to know how to remove it manually? Please help me!

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July 11, 2011 at 19:23:03
Looking at this,

it might be a virus. The first thing you'll want to do is a basic windows search and find any folders containing "PC Power Speed" and delete them. Also do searches for "PC Power", and "Power Speed", as files may be nestled in those folders too. Be sure to include searching for hidden and system files in the options. Now we need to do some work in the registry.

To do this the simplest way, I would recommend you download a free program called "Regscanner". You can download it here:

Now once installed, run it and select every area of the registry to be searched (in the lower right of the scan window), and enter in terms like "PCPOWERSPEED", and "PCPOWER". After the results come up, select any registry keys that look like they belong to the program.

*NOW STOP EVERYTHING FOR ONE SECOND*. We will want to backup the registry in case you delete something you shouldn't have. So click "Start", and enter in "Regedit.exe", and run it. On the "File" menu, click "Export", and select "All" above "Selected Branch" at the bottom of the window, and save the file on your desktop with a name like "regbackup". Wait for the registry to be backed up.

*NOW TO CONTINUE ON WITH REGSCANNER*. Now right click the entries you selected from before in Regscanner, and select "Delete selected keys/values.". Don't be alarmed if some keys don't delete. Now exit out of all programs, and restart, and give me an update for how things are going.

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