Is changelogdatabroker a virus?

Microsoft Windows 7 home premium upgrade...
January 27, 2011 at 23:31:45
Specs: Windows 7 prem, athelon fx2/2gb
I couldnt close a window on the internet yet i was able to manuever around on it, after several attempts to close it including via task manager, I had to restart my computer and when it came back up there was a McAffee shortcut sitting on my desktop! I also notice several iexplore.exe*32 running when only one page on internet was open. Last time that happened it was a virus connecting to the internet and I had to delete registry entries....Im finding unusual files as well as a list of of sites that seem to be a part of a command or go to???

I sent the sample below to microsoft and they must have just ran a scan without actually reading what was on the sample because they told me it was I really wrong or is this a hacker of some sort????

here is a sample of what I found

changelogdatabroker - tag v1.1.4
Tekkub <>
2008-11-06 22:03:04 -0700

Build 1.1.4


Add pairs and ipairs iters, since we can't use the normal iters on our dataobjs
Simplify readme, all docs have been moved into GitHub wiki pages
Documentation on how to use LDB data (for display addons)
Add StatBlockCore forum link
Add link to Fortress thread
And rearrange the addon list a bit too
Make field lists into nice pretty tables
Add list of who is using LDB
Always with the typos, I hate my fingers
Add tooltiptext and OnTooltipShow to data addon spec
Readme rejiggering
Add in some documentation on how to push data into LDB
Meh, f--- you textile
Adding readme
Pass current dataobj with attr change callbacks to avoid excessive calls to :GetDataObjectByName
Tekkub Stoutwrithe:
Make passed dataobj actually work
I always forget the 'then'
Minor memory optimization
- Only hold upvalues to locals in the functions called frequently
- Retain the metatable across future lib upgrades (the one in v1 will be lost)
Allow caller to pass a pre-populated table to NewDataObject

Then I found this list of sites that had porn and dialers etc on it:

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January 28, 2011 at 13:31:45
Thank you for your response, I have ran the following programs: Microsoft Security Essentials, CA antispy, Malwarebytes, Microsoft Malicious, Lavasoft's Adaware...and a couple of others...none of them find it.

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