If my email was hacked into was my PC too?

December 5, 2010 at 15:03:09
Specs: Windows vista home primuim, 1
hi my hotmail account has just been hacked and it sent every1 in my address book, an emil saying "check out my new girlfreind", scanned pc but has not found no virus, changed my hotmail password as well, but just concerned that maybe my pc has been hacked and hackers can get all my bank details and family photos.check for virus on pc but nothing came up, so does this mean just my email been hcked and not pc. any ideas.thanks

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December 5, 2010 at 23:37:33
Have you used your hotmail account from another computer recently? It's typically very difficult for someone or something to hack an online email account because they aren't allowed to try an unlimited number of passwords. Most online email accounts will either lock the account if someone tries to do that, or they have some type of human verification that prevents multiple rapid tries. It's far more likely that your password was harvested from a computer that has a keylogger installed.

Also... You need to go through the settings in your hotmail account and make sure they didn't set up any forwarders or signatures or connections to other sites. Give the settings a good thorough look over and make sure everything is set up the way you had it. I would also change the password one more time for good measure. Make it a good one too. It's easy to make complex passwords. Pick a phrase from a favorite movie or song, and alter it with symbols, capital letters, and numbers. For example, Top Gun is your favorite movie or Jerry Lee Lewis is your favorite musician, you could use "great balls of fire" as your password, but you could recreate it like this "Gre@7_ba11s_0f_fir3".

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December 6, 2010 at 06:54:55
I dont think your pc was hacked too. because hacking a pc is a long and difficult process while its easy to hack an email. If your all accounts of e mails and other online things are hacked, then you should consider your pc bieng hacked. just one e mail dos`nt make sence of system hacking

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