I have a REALLY BAD re-direct internet virus

May 1, 2011 at 11:13:49
Specs: Windows XP
Hi aaflac! I have the SAME problem. My labtop will not let me run rkill (It says the program was ended by another sender or user or something of that nature, but thinks to AVG and AVAST I can start Malware, which continues to find and remove the infections, as well as avast everyday I scan. BUT "rootkits" is what keeps showing up in the AVAST results and is the ONE ITEM I can't remove or delete, or repair. I KNOW this has to be why all the infections keep coming and I keep getting re-directed. If you can please give me any tips after this point that would be great.

Background: My labtop had a huge virus and I wasn't able to open any program (It said which program would you like to open with whenever I tried to open ANYTHING). I got past that.

THEN, I wasn't able to go online though all connections where checked and fine, including proxy; before I got past that I then was not able to SEE ANYTHING and ALL my files were GONE: DESKTOP, DOCUMENTS, TASKBARS, ECT!!! I finally went to "Show files" and now I can see files in documents "though they any files before this are now a faded, litter color tint as well as any icons, and the start files still are missing, WHILE the NEW files I add on from a clean computer or download now after I clicked show files (I somehow got the internet back, I will explain this ahead) are of Normal color on the icons, and files. And again the start files are still gone, except the new files I added.

As of now I think running AVG, AVAST, and MALBYTES everyday helped because I can go online again, but I get re-directed EVERYWHERE. I can't even go to Wikipedia on the Beatles, without getting re-directed to a yellow pages. I can MAYBE get to a normal site but 96% of the time it will re-direct me. Thanks for listening and I am desperate to rid this "rootkits" virus

Please guys ANY TIPS would be great. I also have stopzilla on my home computer for spyware, so I'll add that today to try to help as well.

I forgot to add I had ALL 3 - windows restore virus, system tools virus, and xp security virus ALL at the same time during the time I couldn't access ANY program so I had to go to safe-mode quite a bit; until it was apparent the virus got to there too. Luckily I somehow got by and am now seemingly just in the re-directing virus

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May 1, 2011 at 11:51:53
did u try malwarebytes?its free google it
or try a system restore

computers are a second home

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May 1, 2011 at 12:41:10
Thanks for the tip. I got to a point where I was able to use malwarebytes (because at first it was blocked to me, except in administrative safe mode) so I have been using it everyday sense trying to clear things up (and each time it finds infections, I'm sure due to the rootkit virus spreading). Anyway I transferred stopzilla from my Home computer to my labtop, and I want to SLAP MYSELF because I saw a million infections come up, and so stopped the scan and removed those found so far, and re-booted, and NOW the re-direct virus seems to be gone. I'm re-running the scan for a FULL cycle which will take a few hours, but I think I'm okay now. I still have my start program files hidden/missing when in start, and also the icons shaded (the further explanation was posted in my original post) but as far as the internet goes, I'm free from being re-directed for now.

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