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I have a 0x8007064e error Help pls.

January 27, 2011 at 20:12:29
Specs: Windows vista, 6
Every time I turn on my pc I get this 0x8007064e error. I may have multiple problems so I will begin with that error.

Other problem is that I can't Uninstall programs. The uninstall bottom is gone. I did however got so many of the following on my control panel:

ccc help English
ccc help chinesse, and like 20 other languages.

My Outlook account opens by itself as well as the media player. My Pc will shut down by it self sometimes as well.

I was coding a website and the internet explorer pop up by itself and I didn't think nothing of it. When I uploaded my site, I had an unwanted popup that I didn't put in my site. I check the code but the code looks fine, I got a friend who is really good on computers and code and he send it back with no problems reported. And now I have a Bug in my site..Grrr.

OK.,I know.. lots of stuffs..

Actions I have taken:

Scanned my pc with norton several times, both in normal and safe mode. Just a few cookies came up as the results.

I downloaded and scanned it with Spybot search and D. and I got the same as norton.

I downloaded as well Microsoft Security essential and I NOW have the 0x8007064e problem..

I also downloaded STOPzilla to check if it was Spyware but I got nothing out of it.

Also, I used Filefix or someting like that and "nada"

WoW, plus the Windows Defender and NOthing either..

OF course now I can't uninstall any of the last software as I can't cuz the bottom is not showing..OMG..

Oh, I did uninstall and reinstall norton and I am running a scan in safe mode right now but It has not detected anything so far..

Please HELP me.. I don't know what else to do

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January 28, 2011 at 00:43:45
This should solve your problem.

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