http://xbox- antivirus. What is it plz?

April 23, 2011 at 15:08:18
Specs: Windows XP
This keeps interupting when i am browsing web. With a page listing that hard drive, my docs etc...are infected. I don't know if it's genuine windows security or a fake anti-virus malware. I have Avast anti-virus and it hasn't picked anything up and neither has windows security ( offline) Yet this strange thing claims i have some bad things aboard and i must click to remove them.This place has a the above address. & Looks like a web page, but cleverly displaying a windows security type page. Yet when i copy and paste it later on my browser url bar, it doesn't come up as a valid place.Thank you for any advice you can give me.

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April 23, 2011 at 20:24:03
Sounds like you are already infected.
SAS .....or malwarebytes get the portables. put on a flash drive and run.

What you are seeing is a fake anti virus program

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April 24, 2011 at 13:45:18
Many Thanks Worldlibrary. Do you mean that by its very action it itself has infected my pc?Whenever i've seen it ( it's happened twice within one week, in separate browsing activities) i've quickly disconnected the phone wire to the pc, so that any online communication twixt it & my machine is cut off asap.So hopefully this may have saved the day.
When it happened the first time, i was flabbergasted as it looked so much like a genuinely response from the computer's own windows security, i could well see how many unsuspecting folk might well fall for this message and click on the requested option to remove these viruses & trojans it claims to have found ( & i presume, thus installing the real threats in doing so?)
By the heck, these folk are using very crafty and cleverly thought out means to fool folk. It looks so much like a genuine warning that has popped up from the pc's own security. I thought though, would it really use that address in the url bar? & disconnected, and checked up via Control Panel the real window security & it and the Avast i have aboard, were remarkable calm. No alarm bells going off in these departments. I just hope that because there hasn't been any, it means that the attempts by this programs has been unsuccessful.
I am very surprised at the Avast though for not alerting me that a shifty place was trying it on,i can't remember which past anti-virus i once had, (Avira or AVG) which would sound the alarms if i so much as contemplated clicking on a sinister site.It would warn you. So far i've found the avast good, and i've run a complete scan with it since this recent bother & all seems well and touch wood, so far haven't found the computer playing up in the way you'd expect if anything weird had succeeded in getting aboard. Happen had i clicked on the option to "remove the viruses." found,(so-called) then maybe avast would then have come to the fore, recognising the threats.
Anyway, again Many Many THANKS Worldlibrary for being so kind as to give my query time & this feedback. I intend alerting others to this very sneaky dirty devious operation. Thing that baffles me though is it came after i was browsing images of skin rashes for Lupus & other auto immune illnesses (on a Google search) so that i hadn't intentionally gone to the url site given. I can only assume that these folk must be piggy- backing onto other genuine websites/sources, or maybe sites that have become defunct, but while leaving images or websites intact instead of the webmasters fully closing them down altogether.
I am just newly enrolled to this site and will keep visiting in future, as i'm sure there's much to learn yet and maybe things i've had experiences with in the past with my pc i can pass on to other's enquiring.
Take Care & Kindest from pennine ( UK)

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