hp laptop computer screen locked

April 29, 2013 at 19:11:39
Specs: Windows 7
when i power on my hp 630 laptop a virus screen comes up and says send money to unlock my computer .....

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April 29, 2013 at 19:30:48
You are infected with ransomware.

Here are 2 ways to get it fixed, this is probably just a start to get you clean, post your contents of the logs here.

I am going out soon, will check back in about 4 hours.


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April 30, 2013 at 06:00:32
If you are lucky and it's not deeply entrenched you can get into your computer via safe mode, but this one can be nasty. If you get the same pop up in safe mode, this may be a nasty flavor of the Ukash virus. Power on the unit, tap F8 key a few times, should bring up recovery menu options. Choose "Safe mode with Networking". If you can get in here ok, this is not too bad. Download and run the programs listed, combofix, after you download it "right click on it" and "run as Administrator". Turn off/disable any running anti virus while it runs it's scan.


Some people warn about this program, I have used it for years, the odd time the virus will stop it from running but otherwise no issues, and not removing ukash/ransomeware. It's quick and will rip out most of the Ukash virus allowing you to restart normally. If it reboots for you, let it finish. If you can now get into the computer download normally, install, update and run a full scan on the computer, and remove all that it finds,this will probably ask for a restart too.


That should remove most all nastiness. However you can run a rootkit scan to be sure, I use Kasperksy's takes less 2 minutes.


Looking for Tdss cleaner

Hopefully that fixes your problem. Works for me if you can get into safe mode.

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April 30, 2013 at 06:14:00
What if safe mode did not work? Then we shall try to get in using the administrator account. From off, power up the unit, tapping F8 again for recovery menu, but this time choose "boot to command prompt". This should do it's thing and you end up at a black screen with a command prompt> type in the following and hit enter, exactly noting the one space.

net user administrator /active:yes
^space (don't type this line)
You should get command completed successfully and if you do, restart the computer.

Now let the computer start normally (if recovery menu pops up, just pick the bottom option "start normally"). It should bring you to the Windows login window and you should now see whatever accounts you had plus the 'Administrator account. Login into the administrator, then go back to my other post and begin by disabling antivirus and running combofix runas administrator etc, and follow through. Hopefully this account is not blocked with the same ukash virus if it is...u may want to take it somewhere.
If this has worked and now you wish to rehide the administrator account. Restart the computer, login to the admin account. In the search box type cmd brings up command prompt, select that to bring up the black dos box with the command prompt once again. type in the following noting the same space.

net user administrator /active:no

Completers succesfully, restart and you are done

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April 30, 2013 at 06:21:24
If you tried the admin account but it told you that you did not have sufficient privileges to change the password then you are stuck. If all these fail, but you are good with computers you could try removing the hard drive, slaving it to a working computer and run scans trying to remove ukash that way. It can be icky and if you are not confident at this point as I say you may wish to save some hair and take it to a shop.

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