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how to get rid of the windows 2012 virus

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I found a very easy, simple, idiot-proof, FREE way to remove this of a virus from Windows 7 in five minutes or less without

buying any bulls— software….

This method is DUH easy after you think about it.

step 1: restart the computer/laptop

step 2: press ESC to enter booting options

step 3: begin windows system restore

step 4: choose a recent date that was created by the last backup point Wwindows Update created for you

step 5: press enter

step 6: wait for the PC to finsh and reboot

Now the hard part: (which is definitely worth it to me)

Step 1: find these sons-a-bitches that made that virus

Step 2: f—ing torture them

Step 3: painfully, slowly, brutally kill them!

Step 4: leave them outside near the center of a large city for public display as a warning to future virus makers


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  1. Note, this doesn’t actually get rid of the infected file, all you are doing is stopping it from starting when the computer starts, which can be achieved by starting in safe mode and then removing the item from start-up. This is actually a better way because you can then see the actual location where the file is and then go & delete it afterwards.

    Incidentally there’s a section at the top of the forum marked ‘How-to’s’ – that is a better place to put posts such as this as this section is the question/answer part.

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