How to fix an unresponsive yahoo mail application on I phone

September 24, 2018 at 05:36:17
Specs: Windows 7
For getting your yahoo mail fixed restart the application, update the application if required if this also doesn’t help then reinstall the application you can also try restarting your device also check if your IOS is accurately updated if not then get it done. The mailing application will start working fine but still if your problem haunts you as it is then ask help from trained and skilled yahoo expert sitting at Yahoo Technical Support Number UK and the issue will be resolved in the best way possible. The experts are well trained to handle each and every issue related to yahoo.

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September 24, 2018 at 06:08:20
Be "very" careful calling Yahoo tech support numbers. Frequently there is free phone number - and that usually links to an outfit, a third-party support team, based elsewhere (i.e. India...).

If you call them and they ask for access to your computer(s) - be "very very" careful. Very likely they "will" charge for any assistance/solutions they may offer - especially if you let them access your computer or other device. My own experience in that regard (when I called them re' a yahoo mail issue on a Mac) showed that they did nothing I hadn't already done; or was about to do. I called them to "see" what etc. and would in no way call Yahoo free phones again. There is a heavy sell routine.

Quite how they will handle iPad/iPhone issues relating to Yahoo mail - ??? But again be very careful about what information you give them (logins/passwords etc.) and (if possible) allowing any possible access to your i-Device.

Yahoo is now part of Verizon... Verizon is playing about with Yahoo mail at present; constantly "improving" it...

To date - fair to say - my iPhone has no problems with Yahoo mail; be it as a client accessed via the iPhone/iPad mail app; or when accessed online directly.

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