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How Do I Install Unins000 Msg?

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I want to install the free Anti-virus that goes with Road Runner Service. Before I had Trend-Micro Internet Security that came along with the service I had before. Before that I was using whatever had free trails on them, Spy Doctor and Malwarebyte’s & Anti-virus were the other two that I keep until I found out that I could get full complete protection with my service b/c you pay for it whether or not you chose to use it. My first problem was I could not delete the Malwarebyte’s & Anti-virus software off b/c I was missing a file called (mbam.exe), I got tried of messing with it shut my computer down went to bed. I turned it on this Mourning, and I remembered that I updated the Malwarebyte’s & Anti-virus last night, so I tried to uninstall the program again and it fails b/c it’s missing something called unins000.msg. It’s telling me to install it, so I can uninstall the Malwarebyte’s & Anti-virus program. I don’t know what that is or how to install it? Instead of having to go through all this trouble Is there an easier way to manually uninstall the program? My programs and Features is not getting it?


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  1. I use use the the free version of MBAM, which dos’nt interfere with my AV.

    unins000 is your uninstall part of MBAM, you can either reinstall MBAM or use what I use & when the message comes up saying it is missing, cancel that part & move onto the remaining stages.

    Revo Uninstaller……
    I use Advanced Mode. Screenshots of how to use.……

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