How can I remove a user name from my laptop?

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June 3, 2014 at 07:29:39
Specs: Vista/Windows 7
I have inherited a lap top from a friend. My friend had removed all his files from the computer and it was ready for me to use. However when I try to view files and alter setting I get a message saying that I am not authorized to view/make changes. At other times this sort of thing appears:
C;\users\my friends name\.........
We have tried differing settings but his name comes back. It does not stop me from using the lap top it's just annoying.
Any Help Please.

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June 3, 2014 at 08:10:39
What files are you trying to view. If you friend removed all his files there should not be any files that you are unable to view.

Did you create a User in your own name?. If not get your friend to create one using his user profile and give it Admin privileges and delete his own. Once that is done you can make changes as required.


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June 3, 2014 at 09:22:26
Being gifted the laptop I would restore it to factory settings.

Most laptops allow a factory restore and offer the option during the boot sequence. Depending on the make and model accessing this option is initiated in different ways.

Be aware this option will wipe ALL files, folders and settings (I.e. User accounts) the previous user created and basically return the laptop to a shop bought state.

Some brands such as HP, offer a non-destructive and destructive restore. If you want the laptop to be restored to an unused state you need to select destructive restore.

If the previous owner has set an administrator account you will probably need to fill out these credentials during the restore process.

Google can help with the process. Google this:

factory restore

Followed by the make and model of your laptop.

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June 3, 2014 at 15:07:03
Also perhaps try logging in as Administrator; and if you can, then you can access/delete "your friend's" account and details. And create a new account etc. for your self.

Frequently there is no set password for the Admin account; and similarly you may get to admin account via safe mode.

The above presumes "your friend" isn't around or local enuff to create an account for you - with Admin privileges (as per StuartS suggests). If (s)he is then once you have an Admin account, ensure you have another that is a simply user account; and use that for most things. Keep your Admin allowed for Admin needs only.

And ensure you "do know" what the default Admin account details are (especially its password) - as well as "your Admin level account details".

Also get into the habit of regularly copying/saving "all" your personal files (emails, music, videos etc.) off the system entirely. Typically to DVD but to another external hard drive is also good too. Keep the copies regularly checked and up to date... Then if the laptop goes awry/faulty... "your personal stuff" is safe elsewhere.

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