How can I keep a repeat hacker OUT???

February 21, 2011 at 12:46:39
Specs: Windows XP SP 3, pentium 4 / 512
We were hacked. Several of us that use the same router. We found keystroke loggers, trojans, bots, you name it we found it! When I tried to clean up some of the PC's the dreaded "blue screen of death" appeared, at which point I shutdown the PC's took out the hard drives and cleaned them as externals.

We thought all our documents, photographs, PDF files, music, and other files folders and projects had been deleted forever by a virus, or the hacker when we started to run the anti-virus/anti-malware. Then I was advised to get a recovery program.

During the recovery of files I discovered that photographs had been stolen. Some photos had actually been "switched" out for other photos?!? As a Photographer I find this very distributing to have my copyrighted work stolen. Of course, the copies stolen were originals w/ no "watermarks" or copyrights on them. We also had documents taken and Yahoo Instant Messenger Archives. Some of my photos are in C:\RECYCLER paths. From what I can gather by looking at the C:\RECYCLER files, some of these were used by the hacker to switch photos in and out of the computers. I scanned these "photo" files and they came up clean, but are they?

Some of the C:\RECYCLER do appear to be virus related because I read thru some of the other questions here and saw the Dc1 etc. and I also have those.

How do I clean up this mess and keep this hacker OUT! I have zone alarm on some PC's. PC-Tools System Suite and Net Defense Firewall on other PC's and 2 of the computers were hacked again last wk! One even has a NEW HDD!!! HELP!!!

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February 21, 2011 at 17:32:18
Do you fileshare on the local network? Perhaps the vulnerability then is at the router level. If wireless, use WPA2 encryption if possible, with a strong key. Also set a strong password for router configuration. Turn off remote control in the router. These are the basics.

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February 22, 2011 at 14:49:39
Thanks for the reply Paul. No sharing as a network goes on. We only "share" the router for the internet connect. No Wi Fi... In fact, I have the wi-fi turned off and I just hid the SSID and set the name to the mfg. default and changed all passwords and made sure all settings were intact. In the summer we have a campground 3 miles down the road. This time of yr. its closed. Im at a loss.

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