hiloti trojan removal

September 21, 2010 at 13:29:36
Specs: XP Professional
I have tried to remove this trojan with malaware bytes, antivir, bit defender, superantispyware. Malaware bytes found it but it was not successfully cleaned from the machine.

In msconfig, I noted the following entry and unchecked it to prevent it from starting up: uwuvurij and noted that it is located at H KEY Current. . .Microsoft ... run.
I could not find any entry that looks like that .

I am now searching for the file that contains the jumbled up letters

Any ideas? I am about to back up files, reinstall OS and call it a day.



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September 21, 2010 at 21:37:16
Hiloti Trojan (AKA Trojan.Hiloti) is a downloader Trojan that sneaks onto your PC. Once Hiloti Trojan is in, Hiloti Trojan downloads more badware onto your system.
Trojan.Hiloti or Troj/Hiloti-A, is a Trojan horse that effects the Windows operating system.

Delete Hiloti Trojan files in Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7:
1. Click your Windows Start menu, and then click “Search.”
2. A speech bubble will pop up asking you, “What do you want to search for?” Click “All files and folders.”
3. Type a Hiloti Trojan file in the search box, and select “Local Hard Drives.”
4. Click “ Search.” Once the file is found, delete it.

Stop Hiloti Trojan processes:
1. Click the Start menu, select Run.
2. Type taskmgr.exe into the the Run command box, and click “OK.” You can also launch the Task Manager by pressing keys CTRL + Shift + ESC.
3. Click Processes tab, and find Hiloti Trojan processes.
4. Once you’ve found the Hiloti Trojan processes, right-click them and select “End Process” to kill Hiloti Trojan.

Remove Hiloti Trojan registry keys:
1. Select your Windows menu “Start,” and click “Run.” An “Open” field will appear. Type “regedit ” and click “ OK ” to open up your Registry Editor. In Windows 7, just type “regedit” into the “Search programs and files” box in the Windows start menu.
2. Registry Editor will open as a window with two panes: the left side lets you select various registry keys, and the right side displays the values of the registry key you select.
3. To find a Hiloti Trojan registry key, select “ Edit,” then select “ Find,” and in the search bar type any of Hiloti Trojan ‘s registry keys.
4. When the Hiloti Trojan registry key appears, to delete the Hiloti Trojan registry key, right-click it, and select “ Modify,” then select “Delete.”

Delete Hiloti Trojan DLLs:

1. Open your Windows Start menu, and click “Run.” Type “cmd ” in Run, and click “OK.” In Windows 7, just type “regedit” into the “Search programs and files” box in the Windows start menu.
2. To change your current directory, type “cd” in the command box, press your “Space” key, and enter the full directory where the Hiloti Trojan DLL is located. If you’re not sure where the Hiloti Trojan DLL is located, enter “dir ” in the command box to display a directory’s contents. To go one directory back, type “cd .. ” in the command box and press “Enter.”
3. After you’ve located the Hiloti Trojan DLL, type “regsvr32 /u SampleDLLName.dll” (e.g., “regsvr32 /u jl27script.dll”) and press your “Enter” key.

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