Help...Virus infection...need advice

Dell / VOSTRO 200
April 30, 2009 at 08:32:30
Specs: Windows XP, 2.33Ghz 1,99 GB
Hello all I am here to seek help for a PC at work. Small company of about 5 people, no IT guy. Problems started about 2 weeks ago. I like to consider myself with common knowledge about IT problems, but this one is for to advance for me lol. I will write out all the issues I am having in hope that someone can save us. I personally think, I need to reinstall the OS (XP) but I have never done that, so (A). I’m nervous to do it, and (B). I am hoping there is another way to solve it, based on all the info below.

Thanks in advance.

As the PC is starting, the blue CHKDSK screen comes up for literally 3-5 seconds, and then continues on to start-up.
Two errors immediately pop up on desktop: (1). The Procedure entry point APSsearchInterfacecould not be located in the dynamic link library wlanapi.dll (2). The Procedure entry point APSintialize could not be located in the dynamic link library wlanap1.dll.
AVG Free v8.0.238 is on the machine and runs without finding any current infections or warning. I cannot however update the software. I have also started in safe mode and ran a command line scan twice, and it reported no problems
On the 24th (the day the problems began) AVG found and removed 10 infections, but these two haven’t been moved to virus Vault and it say Reboot is required to finish action.
(1). C:\program files\internetexplorer\iexplorer.exe (3800)
Trojan horse downloader.Zlob_r.ex
Object type: process
SDKType: Core
Result: Reboot is required to finish action
(2) C:\windows sysguard.exe (5688)
Trojan horse Sheur.Z.ABMQ
Object Type: Process
SDKtype: Core
Result: Reboot is required to finish action.

I have rebooted a lot since then….no change
3 sysguard files and 2 C:\windows32\iehelper.dll were infected files that were removed.
No new Virus protection software can be opened on the machine. I transfer two via a USB stick, and they would not open to install when clicked.
Disk Defrag will not work, when clicking Analyze, error message read, Disk Defrag cannot run.
System Restore won’t get past the screen that says “click next to begin restoration”
I cannot get online, IE 7 will not open. I cannot install any new web browsers either.
The network connection in the Taskbar shows me connected and that the connection is “very good”
When I open the command prompt (DOS), I type ‘ipconfig’ and get the following Error message: An internal error occurred: the request is not supported. Please contact Microsoft
product support service for further help. Additional Information: Unable to query host name.
Sometimes when double clicked on the desktop, IE just pops up with a quick flash, and then shuts down.
Spybot Search and Destroy was installed months ago and is not opening now. (It has worked great in the past).

I have to use another machine to connect to the internet and post this; I hope someone out there can figure out a solution.


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May 4, 2009 at 10:42:35


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