Help me please. I've got loads of viruses

May 9, 2011 at 17:17:04
Specs: Windows 7
Hi I turned on my computer the other day (on my main user) and lots of messages popped up saying that programs had failed. then a microsoft one said that viruses had been detected and that i should run a scan, so i did so and it found 29 very bad viruses. so i tried searching online but it wouldnt let me onto the internet, i switched over to my guest user and there were no problems on that at all no messages nothing and the internet worked perfectly. i then downloaded avg and ran a scan but it only found 3 viruses. so i decided i would try avg on my main user but when i logged on nothing at all worked it just kept popping up asking me what program i would like to use to open things? PLEASE HELP ME!

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May 9, 2011 at 18:15:42
This is hostageware you have found. The best easiest is to restore to an earlier date if you can.
Otherwise, Identify the threat. Antivirus 2010, or Real Antivirus, or ???
Then use a search engine (yahoo or bing etc) to find how to remove it. Type in the word 'remove' and the name of the threat. The results will give you information on removing the problem; step by step.
Then get a better antivirus application.

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May 9, 2011 at 20:23:23
Let’s see if we can get .exe files to run…

Click Start, and open a command prompt window by typing cmd in the Search box above the Start button
In the results that appear, click: cmd.exe
At the command prompt, get your machine name by typing: hostname
(Make a note of your machine name; you will need it later)

Now, create a batch file on another (clean) machine:
Open: Notepad
Copy/Paste the following text in Notepad:

assoc .exe=exefile

In Notepad go to File and select: Save as
Save as: w7exefix.bat
Save the file to your flash drive

Move the file to your machine using the flash drive

Now, using the infected machine, click Start, and open a command prompt window by typing cmd in the Search box above the Start button
Click on: cmd.exe

At the command prompt type in the following command:

runas /user:yourmachinename\administrator x:w7exefix.bat

Yourmachinename was obtained earlier using ‘hostname’
Instead of ‘X’ use the letter of your flash drive.

Let us know if you can now open any programs so we can proceed with removing the malware.

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