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Hello going nuts, redirecting browsers,etc.

Microsoft Windows xp networking and secu...
March 23, 2010 at 09:18:21
Specs: Windows XP
Want to know if you have come up with any solutions to redirecting browers..IE, Firefox,and google..I also cannot do a windows update or any microsoft web page ..comes back with http 400 bad request..also everytime I try to go to a website for help i get redirect to stupid buying sites combination of stupid stuff that has nothing to do with what I am looking for ..I have run stopzilla ..even bought it ..I have run malwarebytes finally got that to work but took forever for it to finish because it kept freezing ..I then was finally able to get a iesetup8 to reinstall IE still didn't work...I also tryed to go back to avg from MaCafee couldn't get it..took an old version off my external harddrive ..then unplugged it immedialy installed but would not update..I am at whits end ..Any help , advise or solutions for me ..Would GREATly appreciate it before I go completely nuts which is not far away at this point
Oh also still can't get rid of this stupid online computer scan,,windows internet exploerer thingy, I think that is what it was called..I have even tryed to go back to Bleeping ..Won't let me in there either redirects me. all you links want to go there won't let meeee

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March 23, 2010 at 16:16:34
You might have more than one nasty on there and I'm insufficiently expert to deal with a complex security issue over a forum. However, it seems you might have one of those rogue Anti-Malware things on board, so while you are waiting look here:

You will see that another machine is required to remove this beast. If you follow the given procedure "exactly" it should rid you of the bogus AV problem (if any).

After that, if you are still in trouble it is a matter of hoping that a specialist will drop by who can deal with multiple infections.

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March 23, 2010 at 16:42:26
I appreciate your help but I have been to that site before tryed to get back there several time and it will not let me get in as it will not let me do a Microsoft windows update or go to any page that will help me ..I was surprize I got into here...I read some other post people were have simular problems but couldn't do any of it either ..I do have the malwarebytes program I got a awhile ago back from bleepingcomputer and have ran that with the rkill thingy and disconnected my antivirus program and my stopzilla when I did it ..I have removed stuff with it before and also after it stopped hanging on me..I also removed things with the stopzilla so I have done many scans..I use to have the avg and microsoft security essentials until my husband talked me into going with aol's programs which is McAfee and I wish I didn't because I had used them for years and never ran into this ..Maybe it has nothing to do with it ,,but anywayzzz..
My browser just keeps redirecting and can't get any microsoft pages or any pages of things that i don't have yet. I wanted to try that combofix but couldn't get into get it either to download it ..had the older setup of avg but wouldn't let me update it.,,I again would get redirected everytine i would go for something..And I do not have another computer which I wish I did but My daughter took it out of state with her..So I am at a loss what to do

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March 24, 2010 at 16:35:14
Just a quick update for the forum following some PM's between the poster and myself.

One of the major issues was that the machine was refusing to download Security programs, AV's etc. I sewed the seed that maybe these could be emailed via a friend.

The upshot is that a 30 day trial of a program called "Hitman" (new one on me) was emailed and run. This apparently fixed all the problems, so well done RazzMaTaz.

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March 25, 2010 at 05:05:13
Thank you Derek for being a friend and being there to talk to when I was so frustrated..It helped tremendously..Your idea to have things sent to me via e-mail worked and all my reading of what to tell my sister to send to me..To me you are a friend for life so many thousands and thousand of miles apart.

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