Hard drive space disappearing really fast, es

Acer / Aspire am1201-e1701b
September 11, 2009 at 12:20:38
Specs: Windows Vista
I have dialup, and my computer was too slow to download any updates, so I shut off McAfee and Windows updates because otherwise all of my web pages would time out. So 2 days ago I downloaded a ton of updates at a friends house with high speed. (Windows, McAfee, Flash Player, Adobe. I downloaded Picasa and some mp3s.)

Yesterday I had 5.73 free gigs of space on drive C. This morning I had 4.9. I decided to delete/shred some stuff to see if it would free up any space. (I used McAfee shredder.) While it was shredding it fluctuated between 4.85 and 4.73. It freed up a couple hundred megabytes for a few minutes. I decided to go on the internet to see if I could find anything out about viruses that suck space. I'm now down to 4.16 gigs. (It just went up to 4.19)
Drive C is a 53 gig harddrive. I have 9 gigs of music and 7 of pictures. I have about 2 gigs of other misc files. I think when I first checked (when i first got it) about 30 gigs were already used. (Does that sound right? I'm not sure)
Drive D has 92 gigs with over 80 gigs free and hasn't changed at all.
I'm writing this offline, so I'm not online any longer than I have to be. What kind of virus could this be? Will it start deleting my files or move to drive D? I have Vista Home Basic. It's an Acer Aspire AM1201-E1701B computer. McAfee and Windows Defender haven't picked anything up.

I have files off my old computer on this new computer (it's a few months old). I had it for over 5 years and finally the hard drive started ticking and died. I never found a virus on it, but Norton blocked a few worms, McAfee blocked a trojan once. I didn't know how to moniter my hard drive space back then, but no files were ever deleted and it was never slower than usual. I am sort of suspicous of the music I downloaded but I'm pretty sure hard drive space was being taken before that, but it was doing it slower.

Could it be because I was on high speed internet the virus was able to download more fully to my computer, and that's why I'm losing space faster? Our dialup connection is only 30 kbps, so there is no way my comp downloaded 700 MB in the 15 minutes I was on the internet. There is no other option here but satellite internet, and our comp isn't set up for it, so no one could have hacked it and be downloading through our computer. (Or could they?)

We always unplug our phone line when we're not online.
Do trojans take space? I used the trojan test on PCFlank today and it said:

"The test found the following open ports: 5151 These are used by the Trojans: Optix"

The presence of these open ports, which are usually used by Trojan horses, means that your system is very likely infected! Other Trojans' ports we scanned are stealthed (probably by a firewall)."

IDK if that has anything to do with losing space or not.

So, I assume this is a virus? How do I stop it? Will I have to wipe my hard drive to fix it? Is there anything I can scan with that won't take hours and hours for me? What is the best program for removing this kind of thing? I can always go back to my friend with high speed's house and download it, but maybe then all my space would be sucked up almost automatically?
I have no idea what to do, besides take it to a tech guy, but I'd like to know a bit about it so I know how serious it is and have an idea of what needs to be done.

Also, is there a way to use drive D instead of C while I have this problem?

OK, IDK if this has anything to do with it, but when I google something the font is different. Has been since I downloaded updates. I was googling stuff while my space was disappearing.

also, I've been online for about 10 minutes and the hard drive space is still 4.19. I think I was listening to music before. Could space disappear while listening to music if a song file was infected?
OK, I'm not listening to music or on google and it's down to 4.18 now.

I just remembered, my RAM is fluctuating a lot too, is that normal? Like it's about 900-1000 when started up, will go to 1200 then down to 800 again. Does that mean anything?
I've been on about 20 minutes now and it's only gone from 4.19 to 4.18, which is really slow compared to before. I tried listening to the song i listened to before when it was going fast and it didn't make the space go down.

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September 11, 2009 at 23:56:30
So you did a lot of updates huh

All MS updates are stashed in the C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download maybe yo want to get rid of the older material

Also check your temp folders

Also check/clean Temp Internet Files

It is normal that your C drive free space is decreasing whilst using your computing

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September 12, 2009 at 08:26:14
How do I do that? I don't want to wreck my computer somehow. lol
I was worried because my hard drive's free space went down by about 2 gigs in 1 day. After that it lost space slowly and sometimes gave it back. I'm pretty sure it was slowly losing space before, but I don't know what the normal rate is.
I did Malwarebytes and superantispyware scan and they both say nothing (except antispy detected a couple tracking cookies). My space was down to 3.6, then while downloading the scanners it went up to 5, then it randomly went up to over 7 a couple hours later.
Someone said maybe it's just Vista, because of the system restore/shadow copy thing.
Do worms/trojans/viruses take up space then give it back? Or does vista restore/shadow copy do that? I just don't know why I'm getting space back sometimes, because I haven't heard of anything that does that.

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September 13, 2009 at 00:23:26
Why are you so afraid of Virusses

If you have a proper virus scanner of a GOOD BRAND (not the FREE stuff) and do your updates at least once a week (set it on autoupdate) then there is no worry.

Don't click on stuff you don't trust and GET AWAY of free scanners on an Internet Page.

In your Browser you will find a way to clear your old temporary Internet Files.

Go to:
delete everything

check your free space frequently and do the above again

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