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Solved handling a phishing hacker

May 12, 2020 at 06:53:25
Specs: Windows 10, 51.1
My laptop was hacked last Sept. which I wasn't aware of until Jan 2020. I'm guessing the hacker took their time to do subtle things to my pc then in Jan. it was noticeable on my small business FB page I had to download a pd. Norton subscription and have them take out the planted files that I helped put there by clicking onto an email linked which looked like it was from one of my customers, not unusual for her to write...first time I was ever fooled since 1995 and I still didn't realize immediately after I had clicked on it. Pc was cleaned up in Feb 22-by Norton, hacker got my Microsoft pw and changed most of my pw's, erased a few pics and spammed my business FB. Hacker free now, but this person still sends me the same kind of emails, some with my customers name on them, some from the gov. re" Covid-19 (which is awful to do). Hacker of course would have noted my daily history and go onto the sites I would visit and he posted comments signed with my pw names as a taunt. I have kept all these phishing emails in a separate folder which # about 19 since Feb. 22. and still coming. I may know who this is, know where he lives and his FB and his business web page, I cannot accuse him or anyone but I have to start somewhere in writing about it. I cannot prove it, only if these emails can be traced to the offender. I never met or seen this elderly person who lives in the same country as me but I once made 2 appointments in the past, 2008&2013 for his clean,legit counselling services by phone which I paid in full for. Does anyone know what I can do to have these emails traced and this online harassment-bullying stopped? There are no real or moral reasons what so ever I deserve this cyber stalking. I had called Microsoft in March pre-Covid period and was granted a case # but I decided to wait it out then a bit more hoping this would stop. MS is very busy at this time, I'm just wondering once I do send them all to MS will they do anything about it like really trace them, I have sent numerous phishing emails from this person marked as "phishing" and it continues so nothing has changed. I want to see this person get caught; does anyone know where else to call to have this looked at. He knows every email address I have, you all know the trouble to change your email addresses, my business is tied in, friends family. etc, I shouldn't have to but I might have to if there is no other way, I only have one problem and it is this one. Excuse the length of this but I wanted to be clear and see if there is any other effective way to handle this, especially about the emails "from" the gov.' about Covid-19. Thanks

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May 12, 2020 at 17:19:15
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May 12, 2020 at 18:01:36
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Im no security expert, and i didnt read it all.
But here is what i would do:

Block the email address, if you use outlook like i do just make a rule that deletes ever email you get from that address.

Then if you havent already, i would nuke the infected pc with DBAN. Then reinstall windows.

And last, i would change all my passwords(email, bank, social media, microsoft etc).

I wouldnt waste my time tracking this down, unless they cleaned out my bank account or something like that.

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May 12, 2020 at 20:27:37
Perhaps try to report the phishing emails to FTC?

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May 13, 2020 at 00:42:02
I have already done all that you wrote, blocking those addresses though doesn't work as every phishing email comes with a different address every time- I even got one that has an address from myself, as if I sent it to myself from my own hotmail account which means what I'm not sure. I had something like 50 pw's and they have all been since changed and now stored in a Norton vault. My bank account was left alone, only used my pw from there to taunt me by using it as one of his user names in comment boxes. I no longer go on sites I once did or leave comments on Youtube etc. This hacker is mental illness issues and his kicks are from cyber bullying-I am probably one of many he has on the go. I do know he uses countless username and accounts and FB accounts.

I guess I'm understanding that there isn't much I can do short of changing each of my email addresses.. I will try MS again but I'm thinking they will do O. I was wondering if there was something more I could do by asking this knowledgeable community, I appreciate the support. if there was a definite answer to stop this, it would be here. Thank you for your time and advice

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May 13, 2020 at 00:43:39
I will, it's worth a try, I'm one of many who is having stalking problems. Thanks for reply

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May 13, 2020 at 11:24:31
I have seen a few bad characters online over the years,
but never anyone who was so ambitious in his evildoing.
Obviously this is a problematic time to try to do anything
about it.

Do you identify the person by the nature of the content of
his emails, or does he sign them to take credit for them,
or do you identify his emails by technical details in the

I take it that you are in the US. Do you know if he is, too?

-- Jeff, in Minneapolis

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May 13, 2020 at 13:06:25
Yes, evil is the true word here, what I write is the tip of the iceberg. The cyber issue started Sept. 2017 with him going onto my small business FB website where for certain he lifted my own advertising phrases and hooks then transferred them onto his own online service website to obviously claim them as his ideas.
I never did friend this person on FB, he offered a clean, legit service and I purchased twice from him. I kept an eye on his websites for any further appropriate actions and soon saw where some of the info I spoke to him about via phone he was using on his FB postings. I didn't realize at the time but now can see where he must have a tracking IP device as I do believe he could monitor when my IP address location was clicking onto his websites. By Sept. 2019, I rec' the email where he used one of my customers name to trick me into clicking onto an attachment (entering through to my Face Book) I thought was my client as she often purchased from me and occasionally sent me information. I sent all the most recent phishing emails to the appropriate places today so I hope this guy can be caught out but somehow I doubt that he can be traced. I would imagine he has every scam app. required to get away with whatever he does and has been at it for some time. After learning more about him through his online video clips, reading his many different styles of writing signing his postings ei. on Yputube comment sections using many of my pw names I once had. .This way I was able to pick-up his many many user name aliases and scores of FB accounts even by the pictures he posted. He definitely has mental health issues and way way too much time on his hands. I may have to completely ignore the whole thing, continue to mark these emails as phishing and send them onto MS., I still have a case # with them and will proceed when the timing is calmer. I know I can;t be the only one he does this stuff too, can't say I haven't tried. Thanks for your concern

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May 13, 2020 at 16:43:39
"I guess I'm understanding that there isn't much I can do short of changing each of my email addresses"
Safest way, if you use an gmail address, you will never get any of these problems.

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May 13, 2020 at 18:04:25
Yes, I have yahoo, hotmail and gmail. Its the hotmail I use mostly for business, I'm still hoping this will stop and it may-this person has each of these so I would have to change them all including 2 phone numbers if I was going to clean it up,,I'm going to stick with keeping my addresses since it's just one person harassing-good chance he will get bored and move on. I just wish this could be tracked, I don't like to see anyone go through a hack experience., it's a good lesson though --thanks again

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May 14, 2020 at 09:31:22
One tip from a chum in the past... In a password... include a full stop/period somewhere in the letters/number sequence you use; maybe even two of them - and/or other allowed non alpha numerical characters too.

Thus your password if it was (bad example I know...) abc123.def make it a.bc123de.f or variants along those lines?

Likewise in your user name adopt the same idea?

Unless the hackers have access to a Kray or similar; or are really bored and truly dedicated to get you... they will give up. NSA/CIA/SDECE/MI5/6/RAD(S) or those terribly nice people in Russia/China... you'll likely not be troubled at all.

I had an account (now more or less dormant by choice) for an age which used the above model for user name - it was never physhed, spammed or whatever...

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May 14, 2020 at 12:58:55
Thanks for this...I will copy and save this info and use it. When someone gets a hold of your MS pw I guess it's a free game, they have the whole kit and caboodle like it happened to me. But this guy may have a Kray as you wrote yet maybe not as he would use it and gain access by now; so he has all the time in the world (he'a around 71-72 and motivated to do wrong but just keeps using the old method of sending the same phishing link to me different sender name and style of info. Definition of insanity is continuing to do the same thing expecting a different answer,,,well,hopefully this will stop..its been a few days clean so far. Thanks again

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