Gmail Spoof or Trojan ???

Macintosh / G5 1.8 powerpc
May 3, 2010 at 20:23:39
Specs: XP PRO, 2GB
Does anyone have any ideas about this one?

-Gmail account.
-Never use Outlook or OE or any other client.
-Contact email list is ONLY on web Gmail.
-The spam emails sent are NOT in the "sent" folder.

Recently many people on the Gmail contact list received a spam email from my Gmail account.

It may not have gone to EVERYONE on the contact list...but it Only went to those on my Gmail contact list.

At first I thought trojan...but, my contact list is ONLY on the web Gmail.

Then I thought spoof....but, it only went to people on my contact list (not random / unrecognized email).

Has anyone else experienced this, and found the cause....or....have a good idea of what the cause may be?


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May 4, 2010 at 00:56:43
I'd guess you're one of the GMail accounts that has recently
been hacked - advice given by Google is to change your
password immediately.

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May 4, 2010 at 11:07:14
Thanks....the password has been changed....was not aware that several Gmail accounts had been hacked recently.

My other thought was that an email may have been sent to multiple contacts in a manner that includes several email address in the TO field (rather than blind copy),......and one of those receipients was using a client (Outlook, etc) and that THEIR computer had gotten a Trojan which would examine header info.

If this were the case, then a trojan could have used that info to get my email address (would be in the FROM field).....and used the multiple recipients (in the TO field) as the "spam list" to spoof my name to.

(I hope that made sense).

Does anyone know if the above scenario is a known technique ?

(Basically, using the emails of an infected outlook client pc to garner emails to spoof....and creating several mini "spam lists"....rather than creating the spam list and the spoof email from the primary Outlook account only ?)


> PLEASE HELP OTHERS - Report back what did/didn't work for those referencing this thread.<

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