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Microsoft / Vista 64
November 18, 2010 at 08:24:41
Specs: Windows Vista home edition 64 bit
Before I start this let me first say that I am about as computer illiterate as they come. Shameful, I know but I want to be upfront so you can help me in a way that I may be able to remotely understand.

K, that being said, I have this thing called GenericPUP.x!eg on my computer and i cannot get rid of the stupid thing. McAfee finds it but it can't delete or quarantine it. It's been there for a while but I, again being computer illiterate, have ignored it. Yesterday I was overtaken by this about:blank think which kept wiping out my homepage. i ran spyhunter and stopzilla and then did a system restore and i think i got rid of that but when I ran a McAfee scan it found that I still have this GenericPUP thing and it's making my computer do funky things like kicking me off the internet, freezing up my computer and opening pages that I'm not asking it to. Of course this is happening on my work computer which is connected to a local network and I'm worried it'll get into my other workstations as well. I'm running Vista Home Edition 64 bit. Any help I could get from someone who knows how to GET RID OF THIS LITTLE CREEP would be so much appreciated!

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November 18, 2010 at 10:03:29

this talks about what files it installs so that may help you track it down.

Theoretically, this shouldn't be effecting your computer in the way that you think it is(though it may be a virus in disguise) there is a chance as well that this comes up because mcaffe can't get rid of the whole file so it may be an inactive ghost/ or a legitamit file that was installed as part of another program or process by an adminstrator.

I would suggest also running malwarebytes if you can. It may be more effective as a removal tool for the symtoms that you have. if you do find something with malwarebytes, post the log here that it removes and I will try to help you remove the rest.

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