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Driver Robot & Blitware scams II

May 1, 2010 at 11:45:55
Specs: Windows Vista
Re original post "Driver Robot & Blitware Scams" ...Simon, your products totally crashed my relatively new computer. Your reply indicated that some kindly customer alerted you to the problem that allowed you to "fix" your software bug. You seem more interested in your "inevitable" software glitches and research. What about my and others totally useless computers? I was told by TWO pc techs that many folks were bringing in their pc's hoping to recover them after using your product(s). If you were a new medication company, I suppose you'd be glad someone told you about several people who died, but by golly, you were able to get that medication mix-up fixed. You shouldn't be in business if your products cost people money, time, irrecoverable data, and otherwise cause damage. You should hang it up. And folks should be able to sue you for damages done.

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May 1, 2010 at 14:22:30
Hello Sharkattak,

You are correct that it was a customer who accessed our
customer support and alerted us to the presence of a bug in
one of our software updates. As stated, we very much
appreciated his feedback and the opportunity to help him
restore his computer to optimum working order. As it turned
out, very few of our customers' systems were affected by
the bug and those whose systems were affected were given
full and immediate refunds.

You are also correct that we take research and development
very seriously. Like any software development house, we
know that despite our best efforts, bugs do happen as a
result of system configuration variations and a myriad of
other factors. While we do everything we can to minimize
that risk, when a bug does occur, we do all that we can to
offer the very best customer support possible. While
research and development is important to us, it's the purpose
behind it that actually drives us. We simply want to provide
computer users with tools that make it possible for them to
repair and optimize their own PCs. Most of our customers
report great success and a sense of empowerment, so we
will continue our efforts.

I'm sorry that your experience with us was not what you had
hoped. I very much regret the difficulties you experienced
with the software update, though I am pleased that you
received your refund in a timely manner. I wish you all the
best with your future computing endeavours.

All the Best,

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May 2, 2010 at 06:20:36
You're pleased I got my refund and are sorry that "my experience with (you) was not what (I) had hoped" and "regret the difficulties (I) experienced"? Is that what you have to say about a computer rendered TOTALLY useless with NO rollbacks available, NO access to internet, NO access to any other programs on my pc and TWO pc techs telling me they're aware of your products which have made lots of other folks' pc's TOTALLY useless? I spent 1 damn wk trying to recover from the damage your products caused....and ended up buying a new computer (my HP you destroyed was NOT old). I only hope the files I tried to save are not corrupted. All THAT is what you would call a BUG? I've used pc's...aLOT...since the late 80's and have only perhaps on a few occassions come across a program (and I'm talking trojans, malware, viruses) as destructive as yours.

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