CPU over Temperture Error and no Hard Drives

Falcon northwest / Mach v atc-201b-bxt
May 24, 2009 at 10:59:57
Specs: Windows XP
I hope you're all ready for this one, it's confusing. My parents gave me a computer and told me that if I could fix it I could have it. It is a Falcon Northwest Mach V Cooler Master. When I first obtained the computer, it would not start, it would continually boot, giving me a string of different errors. The first error is "CPU over temperture error, please press F1" The next one said "No hard drives connected to Fastrack Utility, the BIOS is not installed" and there was another error I cannot remember that wanted me to press <g> to continue. Each time the computer would just reboot itself. The first thing I did was attempt to make sure the RAID was working. So I determined what type of controller I had, grabbed an XP Home disk, and put the RAID drivers on a floppy. The computer successfully installed the RAID drivers, but only gets to a certain point and says "There are no hard drives installed". However this is puzzling because I then went back into the RAID and set up an array with both hard drives. After that I entered the repair utility on the WIndows XP disk and discovered both drives were unpartitioned...so I partitioned the drive and named it C:. After that I tried again to install windows...same message, no hard drives...At this point I would try anything. So I checked the BIOS...and the CPU temperature was 127 degrees Celsius! To test this, I turned the computer off overnight, and checked it again in the morning...it was STILL 127 degrees RIGHT at startup! So I opened it up and discovered the heatsink gel had dried. I went and bought new gel and applied it, let it sit overnight...and it still said 127 degrees. And yes, I did clean off the residue with isopropyl. I can now still get so far as to install windows, with it saying there are no hard drives installed, and now I have a Fastbuild utility with drives attached, but when I go into the VIA Raid settings it doesn't even SEE the hard drives...HELP! What is my next step?

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May 24, 2009 at 16:13:02
Have you installed the manufacturers driver during installation of windows at the point, where you have the option to press F6 key, to install special drivers?

This driver needs to be stored on a floppy disk because there is no option to choose another location for searching the driver.

Please send a reply, if you solved the problem !!!

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