Constant attemps from, 239.255.25

November 24, 2011 at 22:54:29
Specs: Windows 7
Ok, so this is a complicated question, and Im not too computer savvy, but Im hoping someone can help me.

On my peerblock (I dont use p2p programs...although I used to) I keep seeing over and over again it blocking an IP named State of Connecticut239.255.255.250 , and I also see from time to time. I disabled upnp, and ssdp. I even went and disabled the Mulicast IPv6, and it still shows up over and over. I try and ping those IP and it receives nothing.....which I assume it means it sending me something? Anyone have any clue what this is? Is this the SOC tracking me or something? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Im using a VPN hotspotshield Windows 7 with peerblock on.


Im using a Linxys WRT54GL

I also see State of Connecticut trying to connect from Why does it say State of Connecticut??

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November 25, 2011 at 15:20:30
Those IP addresses are reserved blocks & they have nothing to do with Connecticut. You need to use anti malware from or something similar to clean your machine if you can't find it yourself.

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