bought lemon used computer at yard sale

October 17, 2011 at 00:44:14
Specs: Windows 7
I went to a yard sale. I spotted a what looked like a flat screen tv. So I asked about it and was told it was an all in one Sony Vaio. Asked for the price was told 40.00. So I had them turn it on to make sure it worked. Than I said why so cheap?? Its not STOLEN is it? I was told NO the guy I bought it from owns a bail bonds company (I also got his card with his info) told me that someone used it as collateral and never paid so he collected this for payment, but has never ever turned it on matter fact me asking was the first time hes ever turned it on. He said if you could get past all those accts you've got your self a great deal. So I bought it (thinking) I could just run my windows 7 disk and swipe it off... WRONG! So Ive noticed that the previous owner disabled everything she could and I cant load nothing.. the disk drive is disabled the sound is disabled everything... how do I know because every time I go into the guest and try to click on the sound icon a window pops up and says in order to access i need to enter the main accts password... I have tried what feels like every darn word but no luck. I even took the lil knowledge that I have got from the 8 locked accts on here (by the info they have as PASSWORD HINT) and put things together and looked this person up... GUESS WHAT! I found her on FACEBOOK lol So I wrote her and told her everything.. even offered her to buy it back and if not could she please give me the password I would even pay her for it... SHE SAID NO! and has now blocked me from contacting her... What do I do?? Beat it with a hammer and toss it? I feel like I just tossed 40 bucks out the window.. Is there a solution to my problem? Sorry for the long story...

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October 17, 2011 at 02:54:00
You now google at every obstacle.

Here is a start.

sony vaio password recovery

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October 17, 2011 at 09:19:57
The person you contacted probably got the PC 'HOT' so that's why she won't give out the password info. Contact the authorities and give them her facebook address, as well as the PC serial number, model number etc.

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