Blitware Driver Robot hasn't fail me

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May 14, 2010 at 11:11:04
Specs: Windows XP
I just read a few post explaining how Blitware Driver Robot is a scam.

This is the 2nd year I've been using this program and it has yet to fail me. I offer computer services and a lot of times instead of fixing a problem I have to start over with a fresh install of Windows. Finding drivers for each component can be frustrating to say the least.

I reluctantly started using Driver Robot after re installing Windows on my Mother's computer and it reduced a weeks worth of work to a matter of hours, if that. I've used this program on several other units and not one problem.

If you work on Computers, Driver Robot can be a life saver. It's worked for me and if used correctly it can work for you. I'm making this post to combat the negative post I've read on this sight.

If you use Driver Robot to retrieve you system drivers it'll work just find. It's not a virus removal service and it's not Spy or Mal -ware.

If you need help or programs to removal Spy or Mal ware or you need Virus protection - Go to Great Stuff there!

- Omegan

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May 14, 2010 at 15:17:47
It would have been useful if you had provided links to the offending posts. Anyhow, I've searched them out and here they are:

I'll leave others to make their own judgement.

Google is NOT the only Search Engine!

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May 14, 2010 at 20:32:45
Well thank you :-)

I'll make sure to include links next time.

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May 15, 2010 at 08:07:26
'I just read a few post explaining how Blitware Driver Robot is a scam.'

It IS a scam. Most drivers can be found by googling plus using FREE software like SIW to identify the drivers, no 'special' paid software is needed. I read the complaints and they are legit as far as I can tell. And then a guy COMING ON TO COMPUTING.NET
response 4
and singing a sob story, that is really funny.

Stay AWAY from that software!
Sounds to me like the OP is spamming and trying to raise sales for that aweful product.

Some HELP in posting on plus free progs and instructions Cheers

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May 17, 2010 at 23:41:01
Hi Omegan,

I'm Simon from Blitware and I was so pleased to see your
message here. I know that it can be intimidating to post
something positive in forums that contain negative opinions
and I wanted you to know that we are really happy to hear
that you are enjoying one of our products and that you are
willing to share that experience in a forum.

Please don't hesitate to let me know if you have any
questions about Driver Robot or any of our other programs.

All the Best,

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