Black screen when turning on pc

September 18, 2012 at 12:12:55
Specs: N/A
Tried to remove a virus, downloaded malware, everything installed fine, asked to reboot pc. Said yes, rebooted now all i get is a black screen with two upside down backwards L's and a blinking cursor. Not computer savvy, dont know what to do from here. Whenever i hit any buttons it beeps at me

Toshiba L645D-S4030 laptop

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September 18, 2012 at 13:07:18
OK, you're not very 'computer savvy', but we could do with a bit more information in order to help. Which version of Windows? is a big 'n/a' for a start & what made you think you had a virus, together with what 'malware' did you download to fix it?

Sorry if I'm sounding unhelpful but in order to get help you need to provide a bit more specific information than you have done.

Just as a generic 'fix' and in case you are another one-off poster who will never reply again, try tapping F8 as the system boots, select 'repair my computer' (though this may not be there as we don't know which OS you have) and then try a System Restore when you get offered the option.

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September 19, 2012 at 10:44:36
Sorry! Ok Im running windows 7 home. I recv'd over 50 "system message-write default error" windows and a critical hard drive window. When i looked on line I found many post about this virus. Some called it a fake hard drive defragmenter. When I went to windows help it told me to download, did that, installed & restarted pc. Thats when I got the black screen. I took it up to "geek squad" and they are charging me $70 to diagnose it. They said they had never seen the screen with those 2 things on it. Look like a small & big 7 then the blinking cursor afterwards. Just wondering if this is something u think I could fix if I get it back? They START at $200 to fix and the laptop is only 2 yrs. old. Hope this helps & thank u for replying.

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