big problem with b.exe virus wreked my comp

September 5, 2009 at 06:20:18
Specs: Windows vista, duel core 2gbram
hi i am new here i have a big problem i need help bad i accedently downloaded a virus named b.exe after i opend file and relized it was a virus i opend task manager and found b.exe running i did a search oline about it found out it was a virus and ended prosess after i hunted down the file it was in my temp folder and killed it after i went thru my reg and killed its run at start thingy i am running windows vista home (laptop)<--compact but after i thought i turned off my comp woke up and when i whent to boot my comp it giveds me about 60sec after i log on and it restarts and i cant stop it i thought about starting it up in safe mode but just left it off just incase i mess up so i decided to ask for help when i start up comp gives me eror msg and restarts over and over i am running game servers and a website for gamerz and canot have this happening i am loosing $ each month i have this down plz hlp :'(

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September 5, 2009 at 06:22:50
also there was numerios web pages said b.exe was assosiated with msa.exe virus i found that file to and killed it donno if that was a smart idea lol then again downlaoding suspisios files isnt smart ither lol but just extra info and if you can hlp i am very gratefull thanks

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September 20, 2009 at 07:28:14
ok if you can use your keyboard and mouse still your in the game

press winbutton + R
type shutdown -a
thats only if they are using shutdown -s -t 60 in their virus
this may or may not stop the shutdown but probably not due to this is a relatively serious virus to be using such novice shutdown manouvreing (although its fun to play with).
if it works get an anti vir quick or if u have one give a full scan
and to be safe you might want to do this incase its re occuring

open note pad
type in;
@echo off
start cmd.exe
type shutdown -a

save it as abort.bat on your desktop
double click on it to run it every few 30 seconds just to be sure the virus doesnt keep trying to shut you down. (only works if the first shutdown -a in run console worked)

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