AVG flags Trojan Horse on printer installer?

Avg Anti-virus and anti-spyware 9.0
December 15, 2010 at 06:37:44
Specs: Windows XP, Centrino/2GB
AVG popped up a virus alert on my laptop last night. It said the printer installation program for an HP CM2320 (an .exe) is infected with "Trojan Horse Generic20.ANDS". The details said Firefox was the offending program. I couldn't find any info on this virus on AVG or anywhere else. I downloaded the HP installer last spring and used it once, haven't touched it since. I'm leary of these notices because I've had the problem before with false positives and learned that AVG and others use "heuristics" to detect viruses, basically looking for bit patterns in the files which can cause false positives.

I later got the same pop-up and realized it was triggered when I downloaded (saved) a file using Firefox, even though the file Firefox was saving had nothing to do with the supposedly infected file.

I was looking for an error log of this in AVG this morning and could not find it. THIS really confused me. I navigated to where the "infected" file is located and was going to right-click scan it with AVG, but as soon as I clicked on it AVG popped up the same message, this time the offending application was Explorer.exe (not surprising).

I am pretty careful about the sites I browse and the sources I will download files from, and I suspect this is another false-positive scenario, but if so it sure is frustrating and a big waste of my time. The worse part is there just isn't any info out there.

Anybody else seen this?

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December 15, 2010 at 07:01:00
I am done using AVG. It is getting very troublesome to use. If you are willing, remove it and install something like Avast and then try.

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