AT&T Land Line Virus?

January 20, 2012 at 16:24:03
Specs: Windows 7
Has anyone heard of or experienced an issue with AT&T land line dsl services? The recurring issue we are experiencing is the phone will give out a half ring and from that point on, the phones don't work but the internet is unaffected. There are two seperate phone lines in the house and only one is equiped with the dsl service, but both phone lines are affected. Anyone attempting to call gets a busy signal until an AT&T service technician arrives and fools around with it and gets it up and working, but then he can't seem to be able to (or won't) tell us what the issue was. Is there any possibility that AT&T is doing this to attempt to force us into a bundle service contract? It has occurred several times in the course of a year (at least three times a month)
Could some sort of computer virus be affecting the dsl service to cause this? ANY help would be greatly appreciated and reciprocated.

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January 21, 2012 at 08:54:05
Retired 34 year in phone bus. Sounds like you have a cross phone line problem in your house or in the cable pair. Do you have 2 line phones ? I would test at the outside of the house at the NID. unplug both lines and plug in a phone at the NID and see if the problem is in your house or a Telco problem.

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January 21, 2012 at 11:03:41
I'm not sure exactly what you mean by 2 line phones, I'm assuming you mean a unit that has the capability to place one line on hold while you answer another.

There are 2 seperate numbers in the home coming into the one outside box.
One phone number (the one with the DSL service) is equiped with an older model desktop single line cradle type - while the other is a newer cradle type with multiple cordless units that can placed throughout the residence...(this one has a "phone solution advantage plan" service pack)

When the issue arises, the service center is called from a cell phone and when a service tech arrives he can find no problems in the home or at the box outside. The issue is remedied though if the service center checks the line from their end and all they say is "everything appears to be fine", which it is, until the next time it happens.

Could the cradle/cordless "phone solution advantage plan" line be calling the DSL line and doing something to it? the owner of the cradle/cordless "PSAP" number insists that it is the DSL equiped phone line that is the problem because of the fact that it receives a call that gives out a "half" ring...then everything is down, except for the internet.

I will do the check you mentioned at the NID at the next occurrance of the problem....but would really like to know if AT&T could be doing this on purpose or if the possibility of a DSL virus is feasible. I am no phone tech by a long shot, but have fooled with electronics all my life and have been in the construction industry for most of it and have made some repairs to this phone system (replacing of interior lines, wall outlets, junction boxes, etc.) and the issue was occurring prior to anything I have done to it.

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