Annoying virus

January 30, 2010 at 10:54:18
Specs: Windows XP HE SP3, Pentium(R)4 2.26GHz/1.25 GB
I have a virus I cannot get rid of. It started one day when my husband was playing PurePlay poker. He had nothing else open and a pop up appeared then the desktop picture went away. It was all down hill from there. We use Lime Wire, so I am assuming it came frome there, but we have been using it for a long time and although we get an occassional virus, I can usually get rid of it within a few hours. This one, however, seems to be way different. It will redirect up to about ten times before we can get to the page we want. Pop ups come from nowhere. I have the pop up blocker (IE) on, too. My web pages have been just shutting down out of the blue. The other night, (I have been at this one for 5 days now) every time I would go to an antivirus site it would say a network cable has been unplugged and I will lose my connection (we have DSL) Last night, my husband was on the computer and it just said it was going to shut itself down. And lo and behold it did. I know this sounds a little OCD, but I now am the proud owner of 8 softwares of different types. Each scan I run finds something and removes it, but nothing changes. I do SmitFraud Fix and it won't fix it. I have AVG. It won't either. Neither does PC Tools SpyWare Doctor, MalWare Bytes, or SpyBot S&D. I find this one a lot on SpyBot (wmdtc.exe) There are several others that keep coming back. I even run them back to back (BORING) and it is still there. I am about to just format, but I am on a mission as this virus or whatever is ticking me off!!! LOL I want to know what is going on? Does anyone have any ideas? Please help...

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January 30, 2010 at 12:54:11
hi. wow interesting problem. i have the security set to med/high and the pop up block on. i run Microsoft Essentials which is a very good programme to rid and find problems.
I had slow internet and too many anti virus and malware running.
deleted them all and run the essentials prgrmme.
Also the computer system has its own Security system built in.
Go into internet options and close pop ups off i am sure u have tried.
I used Limewire.and stopped when so many dloads were loaded with winexe viruses and other sorts.
best buy CD's !
or listen to!
I have no idea what the pop up is try to clean the C and D drives as well Defragmentate them and give the Essentials prgrmme a run.
I run the same xp sp3 system on Asus barebone wndws5.very strong system.
Rid urself of AVG SpyBot Malwarebytes.
They only Skim the surface so to speak.
U can also try COMODO at .com.
Also a very strong prgrmme.
I used it and did not like how it ran on Start when i had not scheduled the Scan.
Overall tho it is very good.
good luck have a good day.

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January 30, 2010 at 13:07:47
Run yourself an online virus scan, this will take the software on your computer out of the loop, incase they are corrupt. The one I use is free with a good reputation. It is found here:

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