All my shortcuts are broken

June 19, 2011 at 11:40:30
Specs: Windows Vista
I believe I got a virus this morning. I got a pop up that said threat detected. Without really thinking, I clicked move to vault and I believe this is how I got the virus. I can no longer open any programs from my start menu or desktop. They either say "This file does not have a program asssociated with it for performing this action. Create an association in the Set Associations control panel" or I get a window that comes up asking me which program to "open with:" I can only get to the internet by clicking a search online link in windows help since my IE icon no longer works. I've tried booting in safe mode to go to system restore, but the "open with" window still comes up and system restore will not open. I've been working on this for hours and I'm not that technically inclined! Please help!

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June 19, 2011 at 13:22:17

Is ther a name of any kind of malware program showing up?
If so, can you please provide it?

Try the following:

If you cannot download the following file, the malware may be blocking the attempt. You need to download the file to a clean computer and then transfer it to the infected one using a USB flash drive, or external media (an external drive or a CD).

Please download exeHelper from one of these two places:

Note: The malware on your computer does not allow you to launch executables (a file ending with .exe), so we must fix that first. The program below is a .com or .scr file, so it should bypass the malware hold.

Save it to your USB Flash drive, and then go to the infected computer, and place the file on the Desktop.

Vista or Windows 7 users right click the downloaded file and select “Run as Administrator"

A black window should pop up
Press any key to close, once the fix is completed.

>>Please post the contents of the exehelperlog.txt in your reply.<<
[It is created in the directory where you ran exeHelper, and should also open at the end of the scan.]

Next, download RogueKiller
Save it to your Desktop.

Now, close all open programs.

For Vista/Windows 7, right click the file and select: Run as Administrator

When prompted, type 1 and hit Enter.

An RKreport.txt should appear on your Desktop.

Note: If the program is blocked, do not hesitate to try several times. If it really does not work (it could happen), rename it to winlogon.exe

>>Please post the contents of the >RKreport.txt< in your reply.<<

We will take further action based on the results of this report.

If you cannot get these programs to run, we do have another approach we can try.

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June 19, 2011 at 13:51:56
Since posting this, I created a new administrator profile on my computer and changed the infected one to standard user. When I opened the new profile, I was able to finally run the malware program (malwarebytes) and my anti-virus program. Both are currently running. When I switched back to my infected profile, I discovered that everything works again and my antivirus and malware programs are both available. I'm not sure what changed. Do you think this fixed the problem? Neither program has found any problems yet.

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June 19, 2011 at 16:31:10

Please run RougeKiller from the instructions in Post # 1.

It is easy to do, and will give us an idea of whether there is 'something else' in the system


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June 19, 2011 at 20:05:50
I am having this exact same problem... and following your directions has helped so far.

nevermind - i see that you responded in the thread I started - please disregard this post and I will help work the problem from the other thread. Thanks and my apologies for the intrusion here with this user.

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