All My Personal Files are Encrypted by CTB-Locker ransomware

Dell / Optiplex gx60
February 4, 2015 at 09:27:28
Specs: Windows XP, Intel 2.8 GHz
I am using Windows XP with Panda Antivirus But my system got infected by CTB-Locker.Is there anyway to repair files infected by CTB-Locker ?I have also tried system restore but unfortunately system restore was turned off on that system.

It has changed my wallpaper to black screen with following text .............

Your Personal Files are Encrypted by CTB-Locker.

"Your documents, photos, databases and other important files have been encrypted
with strongest encryption and unique key, generated for this computer.

Private decryption key is stored on a secret Internet server and nobody can
decrypt your files until you pay and obtain the private key.

If you see the main locker window, follow the instructions on the locker.
Overwise, it's seems that you or your antivirus deleted the locker program.
Now you have the last chance to decrypt your files.

Open or
in your browser. They are public gates to the secret server.

If you have problems with gates, use direct connection:

1. Download Tor Browser from

2. In the Tor Browser open the http://w7yue5dc5amppggs.onion/
Note that this server is available via Tor Browser only.
Retry in 1 hour if site is not reachable.

Copy and paste the following public key in the input form on server. Avoid missprints.

Follow the instructions on the server. "

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February 4, 2015 at 12:21:59
I'm no expert but this might be of interest:
I have found Bleeping Computer to be a trustworthy website.

There are other hits in Google but avoid the ones which are adverts.

Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanks

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February 4, 2015 at 20:26:09
I hope you have back ups of your files on a separate drive.
I assume that JohnW will pop in soon, he may be able to offer some additional advice to the supplied link above.
If it were me, I would wipe the drive, reimage it from my last drive image and then restore my recent back up which is never older than one week though some like back ups more often. If you do not keep an image of your drive(s) then wait to see if John has any additional advice.

You have to be a little bit crazy to keep you from going insane.

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February 5, 2015 at 01:32:16
Thanks Fingers, Derek's link to Bleeping & your advice cover it.

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February 5, 2015 at 13:36:55
For the future:

1. Install CryptoPrevent:

2. Backup, if you don't already.

3. If you use manual backing up (file a time) then turn off your backup drive when not in use.

Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanks

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