3 Yahoo mails hacked. Mac or Yahoo issue?

February 18, 2011 at 03:57:35
Specs: Mac OS X 10.6.6
Have recently had several of my yahoo mails hacked. Some claim it must be because of keylogger on my Mac, yet information I have found about that area says that only way to get keyloggers into Mac is to install it yourself.
I'm very careful with software I install, if ever, and I do not click random links and my mailboxes tend to do pretty good work with filtering those messages out anyway.
Also, the first yahoo mail hacked I had to shut down before I created the new e-mail address yahoo, and that old mail address I don't think I had any information about it in the firstone that got hacked.

So how come I have issues with yahoo e-mails. With first yahoo e-mail that was hacked I could enter and delete all info there and close account down.
However two other yahoo mails that have been affected (one of them very old and barely used, other very new and barely used) I cannot access any longer. Seems they have learned from earlier case and changed password, perhaps even secret questions.

So, is it actually my Mac or is it Yahoo Mail that is the issue here?
Can anyone help me to figure out what to look for in Mac, as a virus scan with an anti:virus software did not show any issues, so I'd assume this is not a troyan.

I'm taking those hackings personally, as it seems they got started from a social online game I was using. (They have pretty good security, and I have authenticator to protect against hacking.)
Have used computers/internet for more than a decade (even if mostly pcs) and never had anyone hack into my mails/other before.

I would appreciate any suggestions what to do. (Besides not making any new yahoo addresses; and going to clear last one remaining.)

Thanks in advance!

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February 18, 2011 at 07:20:06
I didn't know it until now but Wireshark is available for Mac OS X. That will tell you where the packets are going.


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